How Do I Add My Logo

I just got a new computer. I moved my HG file from “My Documents” on the old computer to the “Documents” folder on the new computer.

Went on HG site and downloaded HG to new computer, added license numbers, etc put in my HG key AND bingo its doing just fine. All my templates, invoice fees, contacts, etc moved over BUT instead of MY logo at the top of the page I’ve got the HG logo. My logo is in the original HG folder.

Anybody know how to correct this. HG is not open till Monday and I’ve got 2 inspections on Saturday.

Have no clue how to use that link and it looked like all querys were in foreign languages.

This may help. From the HG support site:

File>Printing Options>Logos

Did you get it figured out Dan?
I can send a snip it to illustrate if you still need help with logo.


If your old PC is functional, you can upload your old settings and templates under:
HG Services/Upload cloud settings…

and then on the new PC, choose:
HG Services,/Download cloud settings…

I have used it previously and it works.


I approved you into the FB group, post there and help will come running.

Thanks All … Robert Newlands tip got me going right away.

Thanks everyone. Just a reminder for all HG users to do the back up feature reminder when you close out of the HG software and then when you buy a new computer or have a crash and clean you can use the Restore feature and have everything placed on the new computer flawlessly.

in The HG software menu line choose HG Services Back up/Restore

Russell …

Where exactly is the **HG Services Back-up / Restore **line you’re referring to

Open Homegauge software, go to HG Services (up top), Backup HG User Settings