Restore PC from HG?

I just restored this PC from the cloud, but I don’t see most of my reports. Does the restore just restore templates and settings? My report was uploaded to HG for the client. How do I get a copy of it into HG on this computer so I can make a copy and tweak it?

The restore feature does everything but reports. Reports can be downloaded individually as need by selecting the “Manage” at the uploaded report and choosing manual download. If you have problems understanding how to download then call us. After you download report unzip the folder at the right destination Documents HG folder >.Reports folder. Then open HG software then select Open and "refresh database’

Yep, that worked slick. Thanks Russell.

Oops, spoke too soon. I saved it to “Documents HG folder >.Reports folder”, and it saved the report as individual elements.

When I try to open the report in HG I get a message that says “This report is already open, or the directory could not be found”

Yea, highlight them (shift key) and move them into a folder. Create the new folder then cut the individual files and paste them into the folder.

Depending on OS or how you select, you will need to make a new folder the next time you do it, or a different selection when you unzip to… or extract all…

What if I create a new folder in “Reports”, and do the download again with that folder as the destination?

It works now. Thanks for the help.