Move files from old computer to new

Looking to transfer from old computer to new. Downloaded from their website. How to add contacts and templates from old computer.

Thanks for any help.


Did you see the below on there support sight?

Home Gauge is a folder in your Windows Documents folder. Copy one or all of them to thumb drive and copy back to your new computer. They also make USB cables that allow you to transfer large amounts of data from one machine to another. The second option is the easiest.

PC transfer cables

Hopefully your system has a 3.0 port. This is exactly why 3.0 was created to transfer large capacity data files faster!

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With HG all you need to do is download the software from the HG website to your new computer. Once you enter your license number everything should be there. No need to transfer files. At least that’s how it used to be, recently.

He’s trying to copy his templates. Like mine they are probably heavily customized as well as his drawings folder and report folder.


As I said everything is there, including templates. If for some unknown reason a specific template is not there all you have to do is upload your most recent report (with that template), and then download it to your homegauge software at your new computer, open the report and save the template.

Been using HG for years. I never upload anything. It’s all done locally. Many like myself do not relinquish control of data to other people who merely hava hard drive that as susceptible to failure as my own. Pick a major social media company or internet provider, they all loose data. It could easily be yours - then what?

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I’ve also been using homegauge for more than 10 years, including HG services, so far no problems.
It sure makes things a lot easier in situations like this, getting a new computer, or a computer crash.
But I do respect each one’s personal choice.

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I should of clarified that I don’t use HomeGauge services. So downloading from their site doesn’t work.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks that helped.