How do I connect an IR camera to a monitor for trade show demonstration purposes?

Anyone know?

Depends on the camera. Hookup the cable to the camera and to a PC.

Works for me.

Hope this helps;

As far as I can tell, the FLUKE Tir1 I have has a battery charger connection and a memory card slot. Nothing else.

I think you’re right Nick. doesn’t show any outputs except for the SD card.

Sucks for me.

To bad Nick, I did a trade show and had my Flir on a tripod connected to my laptop. Everyone that walked by could see themselves in IR on my 17’’ screen and stopped to ask what it was. I got a lot of attention. Too bad the price of oil was 1.99/gallon, got a few leads but not much.

I can lend you my Flir

FLUKE’s Engineering Department needs to meeting with FLUKE’s Marketing Department.

That’s not all! :wink:

Some think a laser isn’t worth while in some of those cams either.

Video out, allows connection to tv, computer for video capture, video camera to record, external DVR…

Video comes in handy on those big $2k/day jobs!

Well Nick…

Looks like Inspector Outlet may be sitting on those Tir1’s for a while. The video line-out is one feature that I will insist on when I finally get into IR. (hopefully next year). Around here, people need to see technology in action, before they will buy.


People with a FLUKE TiR can do a demo by allowing people to look into
the viewer screen of their camera, which is a larger screen than FLIR
B series.

The viewer screen of the FLUKE camera is not as large as a 17" monitor,
but works for doing demos. Also the FLIR entry level cameras do not
produce a full screen image on a computer (the ones I have seen didn’t).

If you by a more expensive FLIR, then you may get the full screen feed
that the above post mention.

Each person will need to decide how much the full screen feed to a
computer is worth. Some may not feel the extra few thousand dollars
is worth it, when they can simply do a demo by allowing people to
look at the large viewer screen on their TiR.

Your mileage may vary.

I loved the demo I got of the TiR, but decided on an older FLIR unit because of the video out over RCA plug. This was a very very important feature I wanted. IMHO this should be a standard option all all company’s products. I think Fluke would smash the market if they would offer video out on their entry level imagers. I don’t really care for the usb option of most modern FLIR offerings due to choppy 9hz video and having to lug around a laptop whenever you wish to record a video stream.


I connect my Flir EX320 right to a 20" LCD TV at homeshows, and point it at the crowds walking down the aisle. By the time they get to my booth, they stop to be nosy. Works awesome for me, it draws potential clients to my booth.

Gosh you computer guys are awesome. Dumb old me bought mine to use in the field doing IR scans, work, etc. I’m humiliated to admit that I NEVER gave 1 single solitary thought to whether I could hook my IR camera up to a Big Screen TV and watch people walking down an isle.

What a neat toy to play with if you don’t have work.

silly you Dan, we had a customer that does water restoration damage and he went hunting with his. He got popped by the Arizona fish and game and got a $1500 fine. He did however land a large elk.

All this techno stuff in cameras now a days would make one think the IR industry didn’t start until all these things were incorporated in to cameras.

As far as you guys that only have still images available to you and you want something for a trade show check these out. - This was done using google sketch up (scroll down to the youtube video). Google sketch up is a cake program to use, and it looks a heck of a lot better than a 9hz video feed. - scroll down to the residential energy survey number 2 link (about 90% of the way down the page). It takes ahwile to load, even with a fast connection. Once it does look around, then click the green/red circle and wait for it to load again. Now look around in IR. Greg spent a ton of money developing this, so unless you have the know how or the resources, it is probably not a great alternative to google sketch up. If you are a member of UI you can probably give him a call and ask if you can use it for trade show purposes / marketing purposes. It was also done using still images, and is completly amazing!

If you are lucky enough to have a 30hz/60hz video out camera and 320x240+ resolution, you can make some really good videos for trade shows etc. Personally I would rent a 640x480 camera (or higher) with a 60hz out if I were going to do something like that. Or, once again, for you UI members give Peter or Greg a call, I am sure they can give you some ideas and might even have some professional looking video content for you.


Yea, why would you ever want to transmit or record video from an IR camera?

Was he hunting or poaching? I’ve never heard of anyone being fined like that for hunting. I’ve been stopped several times by conservation officers while elk hunting and never been fined.

In todays market all IR cameras must have a video out. you never known just what you will find inspecting homes…

Thats one great point about a 4 year old FLIR B2 Has everything you need…



Ron I couldn’t be happier with that B2. Thanks so much for a great deal!


I have a Tir1 and a B-cam and there is no comparison between the two. Tir1 wins hands-down… except no video output for trade expos.