How do I report this

I inspected this propane water heater and have a problem reporting the condition of the exhaust. Please see attached 3 photos. I am not sure that a bonifide violation is justified yet it looks terrible and just can’t be RIGHT. Please advise.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Thank You

Patrick Wiseman
PJC Home Inspections LLC




Pat the vent should not go down hill.

Should not be on the wood grate

should use B vent and not dryer vent with a slinky inside ,which should not even be used for dryers in the first place.

Thank You Robert. I knew something wasn’t right. Looks like a non-proffessional installed it.

Don’t forget to add that it should be behind those curtains too! :shock:

The dryer vent doesn’t look so good either.


Thank You Michael. It is not good and should be re-done. Thank you for your reply.

Type b vent must terminate 2 feet taller that any vert surface within 8 feet. Recommend further eval for safety hazards.

It doesn’t look like it’s sealed in any way at the wall , though I can’t quite tell from the pic. Wouldn’t you have water intrustion problems?

Thank You Rod

Thanks Dominic: It is really sloppy. I don’t know why the original heater electric was replaced with propane?

Because of the commercials on TV that keep saying that propane is better and cheaper!

Yes, let’s enjoy a nice evening on the patio. Enjoy the smell of nature, and the products of combustion from our water heater.

Thank You Dylan:
The sweet smell of carbon monoxide. You Made me laugh. Thank You.