How do you get started?

I would like to get into the trade for a possible second job or a full time job. I’m currently an HVAC Mechanic full time. My question is, where does one start to get into the trade? Should I enroll into a class? Also, about how much could I expect to earn?


You could read the past posts on this message board and gain a ton of good information to start with, read and read and read, all the technical posts, usually someone comes up with the right answer to them, if not at the beginning not very far into the posts.

You can earn what ever you set your goals at, depending on what exactly you might have in your business plan.

This is the best place to learn about the HI industry, and the best place to find free education. Email me at and we can talk.

NACHI is the place to learn All That You need to Know about the HI Industry.

All other sources pale in comparison…

PM or Email me for personal responses to your questions…

Also use your connections in the construction industry to get your questions answered. i’m sure you probably know someone in each area of the building trade. Let them know what you are hoping to accomplish, and most people will be more than willing to help you out. On job sites, take a little time to check other things out, and ask the workers questions about installation processes etc. During the slow times I sometimes go to sites and talk to guys I know and just check things out. Most of the guys are OK with me being there as long as I don’t hold anything up or get in the way. Found this to be a good way to learn how things are done in my area, whether they are done correctly or not.

Take Keith Swift up on his offer. He is one of the most knowledgeable person around. I have read and downloaded many of his articles, and what a wealth of knowledge. Also, go to nachi, much information there for the new person on the block.

I am new to the business and I took the Fast Track Residential courses through Kaplan (ITA) in Oakland CA. After that I joined NACHI. Nachi was perhaps the best move I made for my business.

Joe Mathieu actually is a member of Nachi