How is business lately ? (poll)

all of your options for the poll are starting with forclosures!
not the case here so I did not vote

I did include Less general and same general, though I must admit that I assumed an increase this year would also include an increase in forclosure inspection.

Was your Inspection business, increased in volume , but not the foreclosure end of it also?

I would be suprised to hear that.

It is very slow in the Greater Memphis area. Thank god for HUD and eBay.

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Tell me what you think.

That’s unheard of around here, which goes to you show it has alot to do with where your market is…

Bob, I was really beginning to take off on commercial but that has fizzled too.

To answer your question I’m about 50-50. That being 1 home per month and 1 building per month. :neutral:

I got my license in mid 2003 and have never once had a phone call, call back or a complaint from an inspection customer. My only work is client referrals. I do very good, accurate work. My clients love me and the agents hate me. There is something very, very wrong with this picture. It’s obvious that many ‘professionals’ don’t give a sh** what their client’s buy. It’s all about the buck…

Last year my busiest month was Thankgiving to Christmas. You might say this business is slightly unpredicatable.

I’ll say as I was ready to hang it up, and suddenly got calls starting after Christmas.

You say 100% referals, so I guess you need to work on your site.
It may help.

Amazingly I have never looked much at ebay.

I have always figured that could be good side money for the down times.
Glad to hear it helps.

That’s what really has me in a tizzy. I’m near the top (with you :twisted::cool:) of Google page one for popular search phrases: home inspection chicago suburbs and chicago home inspector. Never had a single call from the web. I’ve been told my site is good so I’m just…pissed. :twisted:

Hey Erol, nice website! I noticed you have your sample reports in pdf format and you even warn people to allow download time. I also noticed that you use HomeGauge so I wanted to let you know that if you upload your sample reports directly to your server without converting them to pdf, they will load MUCH faster. Watch how fast mine loads. Let me know if you have any questions about how to do that, I’m more than happy to help.

Good advice.
Seems like a good site to me also.

My response:

I would have thought that with the economy and market so bad, and with the influx of crappy REO’s that investors would be smart enough to hire the best, and highest demand inspectors to protect their investment, as opposed to hiring the guy who is so out of demand that he needs to lowball to keep work.

I’m inspecting more foreclosures and new homes… it’s been a while since I’ve had the typical seller/ buyer inspection. I guess people are taking the deals at both ends of the spectrum and sellers in good standing with their banks are hanging on to avoid taking less for their home.

Exactly, but sometimes people are on their own planet.

I know quite a few people in property investment , that have no need for Inspection in their mind because they just want to get the cheap price on the property and assume they will need to gut and remodel anyway, so feel we are a waste of time.

Here is an easy comparison.

When a used car salesman goes out to a auction and bids on 20 cars , he does not bring his mechanic along as he is buying cheap, in bulk, and just looking for a fast turnaround.

Everything is based on the mindset of the buyer and their motivation for purchase.!

That seems to be the trend here in CA. With little or no disclosures available on REO’s, the thorough inspectors are more sought after than ever.

Same here, more inspections on bank owned. I have s client from CA that I did 3 houses for this week. All bank owned.

You paying airfare!? :smiley:

Horribly slow the past month and a half, decent year over all, foreclosures Way up!

I don’t do foreclosures, but I do do bulk investor packages. The investors I give a price for an inspection similar to a 4 point and also structure. Your right they could care less about pretty, but they do want to know broken sewer main, furnace will not operate, roof leaks like niagara falls, foundation wall racing basement stairs to the floor, dtc. I am having a good year! I don’t understand and it could all fall in the dumper tomarrow.

Good to hear, you are having a great year.

I am not sure if anyone can with any accuracy predict how next year will be for the Inspection business.