How much degranulation?

Two year old roof 2 on 12 pitch, history of ice damming before and after roof replacement. Is this too much degranulation, is it telling a story?

My recommendation will include replacing shingles with BUR or some other waterproof roofing product, it seems that shingles just aren’t going to work for this roof. Half of it is cathedral ceiling fastened to the bottom of the 2X6 rafters. Nasty looking fiberglass insulation, which I could see, because some induhvidual had put a turbine ventilator on it. One good thing (only good thing) about those whirlies is that you can remove the hat and get a good look at whats inside :slight_smile:

I agree it’s too much de granulation for the age. I would let an experienced roofer make the call on alternative materials…

What is that a photo of? Granules in a gutter?

yup about 3/16ths"

Those are hitchikers from the original fabrication. Not a concern.

Well since the shingle gave them a ride, what do they look like now with the hitchhikers unloaded.? :):wink:

From the InterNACHI Narratives:

“Granules from the asphalt shingles were accumulated in the gutters. This condition is common as granules that are not firmly embedded in the shingle weather surface during the manufacturing process are loosened and washed into the gutters by rain. This is not a defective condition, but is common and expected. Over time, these granules trap sediment, which hardens and prevents fully functional drainage of the gutters. This condition also slows drying of the gutters, which promotes corrosion. The Inspector recommends thorough cleaning of the gutters by a qualified contractor.”