How to become a Home Inspector Apprentice?

Good Evening,

I am very interested in becoming a Home Inspector. I am currently a stay at home Mom and I have been watching videos on YouTube of Ben Gromicko, and his many home inspections to gain further knowledge.

I have every intention on joining InterNACHI and taking online courses. However, how would I go about doing apprentice training in my local area? Would I have to first join and become certified?

Also, I have seen many videos explaining how to run your own business for home inspection, how would you go about working under someone? Possibly for a Real Estate company or another Inspection company as just an employee.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Heidi, the best is to contact your local inspectors and see if any are hiring apprentices. I contacted 6 a while back and 4 said yes, it’s a growing field. You can’t work for real estate companies, that would be a conflict of interest.

If you want to learn I would suggest you download the free e-book from Nick, you will know exactly what you are getting into. It’s on the front page of Stick around and read everything on this forum every chance you get. It’s a great bunch of awesome people.

Best of luck in your new path.


Thank you so much for the advice.

I will call as many as I can in my area for more information about apprenticing.

My biggest concern was if I had to be certified or CPI before doing an apprenticeship? I know I would have to join one of the organizations for home inspectors, which is fine, but I’m trying to do as much as possible from home as well.