looking to be an apprentice

Hi I live in Cleveland, OH I’m looking into becoming a home inspector and was wondering if there are companies that hire and train people new to the business or maybe a mentor of some sort. I was thinking of doing an ahit class for hands on education then using this site, but I would like to learn if home inspection is for me or not before spending bunch of money starting my own company. Any advice or help would be appreciated thank you.

You are not going to get any takers with that post. You are saying you want somebody to train you and then you will see if you like the business. Either way you are not going to stay with that company which has invested good deal of time and money into you.

Hi Craig, if you want to see if you like it before you get too invested contact a local home inspector and offer to pay them to take you along on a few inspections. $50 to $100 per inspection should do it. They might like you and hire you once you’re certified.

Thank you James that makes sense. I didn’t mean to come across that way but after reading alot of post on this forum I am better off getting into a firm or a mentorship to get on job education along with class and online training combination. I am a loyal person, I would stick with a good company that invested in me. I didn’t mean to look like I’m looking for a stepping stone.

You’ll likely have to do “ride alongs” with an inspector well outside your area, and pay him to do it. I did.

This makes it sound like you want a stepping stone:

Listen to James and David…:slight_smile:

Where are you located?


Find out all you need to know about being an inspector in your state by going to www.nachi.org/ohio