How to Become a Home Inspector in Quebec? Need Advice

Hi everyone,

I am very new to this field and I would like to have some guidance as I do not have anyone to ask these questions:

I am a civil engineer with a masters in construction engineering and management in Montreal, Quebec and am currently working for a general contractor. I am part of the OIQ which is the regulating body of professional engineers in Quebec (for people outside of the province who don’t know) and I would like to become a home inspector.

I read that there isn’t a regulated body in Quebec required to be a part of, to become a home inspector, although there is the Bill 16 in Quebec which is trying to implement one.
There are schools that teach the home inspector program but are in the +5000 dollars CAD.

My question is:

  • Should I just pay 500 USD/Year for InterNachi and learn everything from there or go to a school and follow their curriculum?

I feel like I could learn by myself through InterNachi and do some shadowing with people in the field since I don’t have time to go to a school since I am working full time. I could learn on my own schedule.

Plus on top of that, to be part of InterNACHI Quebec or the AIBQ (Association of Building Inspectors of Quebec), there are a lot of costs to become part of it (thousands of dollards). I have been hearing from a lot of people that they are businesses trying to make money off people.

  • Will InterNachi (Non-Quebec) cover everything I need to know for house inspections for Quebec houses (including everything related to Quebec weather ect…)?

  • What does InterNachi QUEBEC offer that InterNachi (Non-Quebec) doesn’t.

Any additional advice is much appreciated.


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Afternoon, Karim.
Hope this posts finds you well.

Out of Canada’s 3 territories and 10 provinces, only 2 provinces regulate their home inspection industry. That would be BC and Alberta. Please, don’t get lost in the politics.

You would like to become a home inspector? Then join InterNACHI or InterNACHI Quebec. The choice is yours. Your certification, which is identical, CPI or Certified Professional Inspector, will allow you to inspect in the province of Quebec. They are one in the same.

If you wish for some help, it would be my please.

Kind regards.
Robert Young