new career as a HI, but need help

i’m hoping someone can clarify a few things for me. I live in Alberta and want to become a HI, i’m looking at online courses i can take to begin my new career. what i’m confused about is where to take them and the cost. The cost as i can tell is around 3 to 5 thousand dollars and about 5 to 6 different online school sites. what i just discovered is InterNachi is now approved by the Alberta groverment and they offer membership for $500.00 a year that you can take the same courses that other schools are charging five times as much. would this be the best way to get a licence?

Correct. We’re approved by Service Alberta for pre-licensing of home inspectors and the cost is only $499. Don’t get scammed into paying $5,000.00 for approved courses that InterNACHI provides for free.

It’s an InterNACHI world.

Is there anything that’s different for example course material, support, text book or hind cost that comes up at the end of taking Intenech than other institutions. i just feel you get what you pay for in life so i’m need to find out more.

Yes you can even join for a monthly fee and still get access to all of the benefits of the entire organization. After weeks of thorough research to get the required education and testing required in my area, InterNACHI was hands down the best option for me.

Want to challenge the knowledge you will receive, just go look at any article by any other Association.
Hands down InterNachi will win.

After taking the required 202 hours of InterNACHI courses for the cost of membership ($500), you still have to take the two proctored exams which are running at $100.00 each, plus then you have to do your peer inspection which depending on who conducts it for you can range in price from about $400 to $500.
So, to get your licence the “InterNACHI” route will cost you just a little over $1000. Then of course you have your insurance to get and your actual licence fee from the Alberta Government.

i see from your web site your a member, how was your experience with the 202 hours of courses and exams. How is busy in red deer

Where in Alberta are you located Ed?

I like the InterNACHI courses as they are kept more up to date than others such as Carson Dunlop. When you are considering which course you will take, keep in mind how up to date they are (InterNACHI can make changes to their on-line courses immediately and do, whereas a written course such as Carson Dunlop only makes changes when they do a revise printing. Also consider when you are being charged the $5000 or so you mentioned earlier, does that also include the test inspection that the government requires?

In answer to your question, I much prefer doing InterNACHI courses and dealing with Nick and Ben as they answer your questions immediately. I have done the Carson Dunlop and a few other courses and you always seem to be dealing with a bank like corporation…they’ll get back to you soon…

Business is good in Red Deer as in the rest of the province.

Are these additional fees charged by the Alberta Government or InterNACHI? Are they applicable only in Alberta?

We don’t charge any more than $499 for everything: But as Dan points out, there are other fees associated with going into this business. Probably one of the least expensive businesses to start though. Ever price a pizza oven?

How difficult is it to obtain ENO insurance in Alberta for starting up your own business. I call a few and not a lot deal with that kind of services.

Contact Will Colton of Inspector Pro Insurance. He is at

Will is in the US i’m in Alberta Canada is there any other contacts?

Will handles AB.

Nick, can I also send him application? I can not find insurance in AB at all.