How to Export Your Data From ISN

Reports, Agreements and Attachments This will maintain current copies of these files on your Dropbox. Once you make the connection, ISN will display the Dropbox space that you have and the size of the files to be backed up. You may need to upgrade your Dropbox account. I had to upgrade to the 1TB option. I probably should have been doing this all along rather than rely on someone else to maintain my signed service agreements.

Export Client Database Click on the “Disable filter by date” option. This will download a CSV (comma separated values) file

Export Agent Database Select the “All time” option. This will download a CSV (comma separated values) file

Exporting Inspection Data is a little more complicated, but very doable.

  1. Select the “Reports” menu;
  2. Select “My Reports” from the submenu;
  3. Click the “Inspections” tab;
  4. Click “Custom Download”;
  5. Click the “Advanced” tab;
  6. Set “From” to any date prior to when you started using ISN;
  7. Click on “Check All” to select all attributes;
  8. Click the “Download” button and wait. It will download a CSV file with all of your inspection data.

I don’t know if there is a clean way to export your templates for emails, email containers, fee structures, etc. If I find any, I will post them here.

If you have more how-tos or suggestions on this, post them up.

I haven’t left ISN, but my bags are packed.