How to get 100 inspections done in PA

Anyone have advice for a new home inspector on getting first 100 inspections done in PA?

Welcome to our forum, James! :smile:

Maybe call to inspectors in and around your area to see if you can accompany them on inspections and write your own while there?

Thanks Larry, great idea. Does InterNACHI require the first 100 to be paid (to me)? The PA law says that I have to join a home inspector association that requires at least 100 inspections to be a full member, and I have to be a full member to do inspections solo. I emailed InterNACHI and they said I can become a full member of InterNACHI without doing the 100 inspections, but to be a PA CERTIFIED INSPECTOR, I need the 100 inspections. Will InterNACHI sign off on the first 100? Someone told me this might be possible.

I don’t know James. Email to and ask them how to do it.

Best to you, :smile: