How to get noticed

Good Afternoon fellow InterNACHI members!
Our home inspection business, Bears Home Inspection, LLC, is up and running. Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas on what we can do to get noticed and boost our business in the SWFL area? Thanks in advance for any input you can offer.
Chris Franco

Google my business…it’s free…start getting noticed.


Started Google my business yesterday waiting for a verification code in the mail. It certainly seemed like there is a monthly fee clicks. At the end of the questionnaire it asked for a credit card.

That’s not the right one.


Shouldn’t be a charge for Google My Business, sounds like you’re into Google Ads somehow.


Yes I think I went into the wrong one. Found the right Google my business now waiting for the post card to arrive. Five day wait.

You must have put in a location for Google Maps. That’s what the post card will be for. That’s good as well, as long as the location is accurate for your service area.

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I wasn’t able to do an instant verification, another learning curve.

That’s how Google keeps bogus business listings from getting posted. When I set mine up I got the post card with the verification code a week later. Then again our post office sucks, so no surprise there. Once you enter the verification code, your listing will be live.
A little trick I read about is to add photos and updates weekly to bump up your rankings. Don’t load it up with all that you have at first. It takes quite a while to move up the list regardless. Using the review request for clients helps a lot too.

You no longer have to put in an exact location of your business. You can be a service area business, which allows for more service areas to be entered. This way there is no wait for a post card. You can just get a code phone call or text.

For example, here are our main service areas on Google



Once you get the card, you should be able to edit your service area, if you can’t do it now.