How to hold the ruler?

During a recent conversation with Bert, he asked me how I held up the yardstick. I told him that I just hold it. He then said some use push pins and he suggested alligator clips of some kind. Which got me thinking, hey, I have some plastic clamps lying around here somewhere.
And now, here is how I will be holding up the yardstick!
Thanks Bert!

I heard that underwriters are now requiring that you hold a permanent marker (3mil tip with) with the ring finger of your left hand while holding an MT-6 against truss top chord (must have photo) in order to accept as valid a wind mitigation report.

How about using a 6 Inch ruler lke I do. The same one for the roof deck. It has worked on THOUSANDS of inspections and NEVER had any problems or complaints.

I don’t have a picture handy now but I have my flashlight handle marked with a 6" scale. I use it to take quick reference pictures of roof rafters, etc. I always have my flashlight handy and I don’t have to fumble for a ruler.

Yes Mike, we know you’ve done millions of these inspections and never, ever had any problems!

I do it the way I do it because I was told that certain insurance individuals wanted it done the way I do it. They wanted a large easy to see method of determining the decking measurement.
I am just putting this out there for others who wish to do it this way. It seems to work fine for me and thanks for the pms from some of you!

I am happy you do all you are told to do by them.

It seems to work for you.

Me I do things a little different but it does work very well for me.

I do not do all I am told. I merely do things that make sense to me.
If I am sitting behind a desk, with no construction experience whatsoever, and I see a six inch ruler, where I can barely see the numbers, I may ask myself exactly what is it I am looking at?
On the other hand, If I see a three foot ruler, with marks on a piece of wood and then under the picture see “8D nails nailed six inches on center”, the light bulb may go off in my head that I have seen that somewhere before…Ah yes, page one of the very document I am looking at! That was easy!

I personally have no adversarial relationship or want one, with anyone, especially with an insurance agent who can say, I can’t understand what this form is saying and until I get clarification, no discounts.
I try an make it easier for them as I realize that they obviously do not have the training I do.

I have received numerous calls from agents say thank you for making this so easy for us. Any time I get a question I try to determine if it is something that I should incorporate into my form.
The percent of non-hip to hip when it is under 10%. That is why I added the calculation part to my form.
On any hip roof with a non-hip roof feature, the numbers, including the percent of non-hip are there. The only thing that could be questioned is the method of measurement.

You can do it your way and as long as you are happy, that is fine.

I do it the way I do it because it makes me happy and if I am happy, I know my customers are.

I like the Rod holder on the ceiling. :smiley:

I would like it much better if the rods would find their way out of the holders more frequently!:stuck_out_tongue:
The Internationals get cranky when they sit for too long!:cool:

Just be sure to loosen the star drag all of the way out before you store them, or the washer will warp.

Do as you wish and be happy about it.

I cannot stand idiots trying to justify what I do by looking at a picture so I only do what is required.

They were given to me by my Father for our wedding gift…along with several bags of spare parts.:smiley: If I remember correctly, those two are at least 20 years old. They are the original Salt Water Series and are smooth as silk.

The Senators I got new with the rods about six years ago and then, the Mako rods, got them on sale at Bass Pro because I own a Mako boat, and they are good for casting. I also have a couple of other rods that have 20 feet of 100lb test and a hook, for when I get in a school of Dolphin. That is when the fun starts.

The 30s are my favorites as you can do almost anything with them. They will be my sons one day!:cool:

I have been shark fishing in the Gulf for the past 40 years. Shark are my passion. I have many, many Penn reels from 1/0 to several 9/0 Senators. I recently bought two Internationals, but as you said, they don’t get used as much as they should.

Hey nice Eric. I’m heading to Lowes this morning to pick me up some of those plastic clamps. I agree that the easier you make it for them, the less they question and the more they understand and leave you alone.


I seem to remember that it is easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar!:wink:

You guys keep your sugar I have one of these. :slight_smile:



Three ways we do it. Clamps as seen before, hold with one hand, or push pins and a fabric tape. Another option is to use a regular tape and show that the plywood is 4 feet and the mark and cound how many nails in that sheet on that truss. 9 nails+ = 6" spacing.