How to Perform Roofing Inspections

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This thread is dedicated strictly to those students enrolled in InterNACHI's "How to Perform Roofing Inspections" online course located at

This course teaches the inspector to perform the roofing portion of a home inspection. It includes a review of nearly all types of residential roofs, common roof terms, gutters and drainage, framing and trim, roof coverings, roof flashing, roof ventilation, and a brief section on inspecting chimneys.

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This is required submittal for “How to perform Roofing Inspections” Course

The shingles are identified as timberline, limited lifetime shingles installed in 2013. There is one layer of shingles applied to the roof, with no visible damage seen i.e. hail, wind, ice etc. Home is in Oklahoma City, which is prone to severe weather. A rooftop inspection was also completed, there was no visible signs of potential leakage or exposed fasteners.

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This is a picture of the east rake of the gable roof. The roof covering is a single layer of three-tab asphalt shingles. Although not clearly evident in the picture, a drip edge flashing is present. The flashing is installed on top of the underlayment in accordance with trade standard techniques. The shingles extend approximately one quarter inch past the edge of the flashing, as is appropriate. The shingles, flashing, and fascia all appear to be in good condition.

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I read Mastering Roof Inspections: Pests. I learned that there are more dangers from attic and crawl space pests than I was aware of. I didn’t know that birds could transmit disease to humans. I also didnt know that there was evidence of humans being infected with rabies from bats without evidence of biting or scratching.

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This is a brick chimney with a clay flue lining that is missing a chimney rain cap. The lack of a chimney rain cap will allow for water and pest infestation. Recommend a reputable contractor install a chimney rain cap.