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Being up un the Orlando area, is that EIFS? Block or wood construction?
Either way, you probably have water penetration behind that. Did you check the interior walls. Even though I hate the term “further evaluation” that area will need to be pulled off to determine the extent of damage. I would recommend repair by a licensed stucco (or EIFS) contracator and recommend that they inspect the entire system around the house.

Looks like the exterior finish coat (usually a Portland Cement base) is cracking at the block seams, typically a cosmetic item. Usually not a huge issue. What did the other side look like? Any deflection, bowing out etc.?

From the photo it looks like settlement cracking. I would recommend they seal and paint all exterior voids to prevent water/moisture intrusion.

It’s hard to tell by just the photo.

Looks like a block wall with minor cracks UNLESS the blocks go below
the ground level and the cracking allow moisture into a basement or crawlspace.

Exterior surface has cracks. Have structural and exterior materials specialist determine cause and need for repair.

Your job is done. Follow up with them to find out what went wrong and how they fixed it.

Maybe also impact related.

I agree. No need to call a specialist if there is not any deflection.

Stucco Cracks…

And when it cracks over block it follows the lines in the block most often.

Why does the wall look wet?

The sprinklers should never hit the wall!

If they used moisture barrier and lath over the block you would hardly ever see that /those cracks.

Hey there kind of new to the message board. My two cents worth. What I find interesting is the shape. It almost looks like both sides of the wall are pulling away. Were the outer corners of the wall still plumb? The wall does look wet if that horizontal crack at the top came first and they let water get in it might have wicked itself and weaken the masonry joints of those bottom blocks.

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