How's this for a 240V Circuit

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. . . :roll:





I’m speechless

I’m not shocked … but I am 3000 miles away.
Get closer at your own risk

Another good reason to shut off the main before you remove the cover.

You actually disconnect the main?

Have you ever experienced one that would not reset if it was a CB, especially an old federal?

I do not think this is a very good idea to say this as many newer HIs might think they should.
If you feel it is necessary to shut down the Main power then Just possible you should
(A) take some more electrical courses to see what the many repercussions could be .
(B) Take some more electrical courses to Lean how to properly inspect a home
© just do not inspect the service in a home.

My thoughts others might disagree …



I have never turned off the power to inspect the service equipment. I don’t intend to change my practice. . .

I wanted to shut off the power to this home as the previous owner damaged as much as he could before he left.

My client was about 2 inches from contacting live wires.

I had to shut down the water as when it was dewinterized a few hours before my inspection there was a burst pipe behind the tub and they had left the exterior faucet on.

I thought covering the SEC with the vinyl siding was a nice touch.

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I guess I need to write this different.
Turn off the main disconnect before removing panel box cover.

I think we understood what you meant Christopher, at least I did. I have never intentionally turned off any breaker in order to inspect a panel.

It would be inappropriate to do so. Even if an obvious hazard exists, it’s not wise to turn off the main disconnect for purposes of the inspection. If the panel is unsafe to access, you just don’t access it.

You think these folks were p.o.'d about moving?

I made my statement concerning shut off main breaker because that is what the home inspection educator taught us. I am not an electrician, but I have completed 2 years of vocational electricity which I received an A grade. Even though that was 15 years ago. I have installed a few new services, the last picture is a recent one of a property I own that was inspected by a licensed electrician before the electric company would connect to it. Here are pics. of my Electricity Study Book. Note two places: shut off the main disconnect, and remove the inside cover and
WARNING: Before removing a panel box cover, be sure to observe electrical precautions. Turn off the main disconnect before removing the panel box cover. I admit I have changed many fuses and installed new breakers without shutting off main breaker. I was assuming, being taught this by my instructor, to be a home inspector thing. Even though I rarely do it, but I have. Especially when a client is right next to me and I can’t get them to back away.

Jeff, May I borrow your pictures for my next chapter meeting?

Like this one … yes that’s moisture on the cover and dripping out and around every opening. Actually going to reinspect this panel in its NEW LOCATION tomorrow morn. Which means I’m out of the house at 5 AM Night ALL!

Yes, you may.

I have two questions: 1. what do you check prior to turning off the main?

I had a secure room within a garage the other day. I didn’t count the number of computer banks running a small local server. Had the wife of the homeowner not been there to tell me what was in there, I would have never known. 250 Terabyte system. Then there were the timers for a ventilation system. Digital clocks on microwaves, ovens, each of the 4 bedrooms.

  1. Do you attempt to reset every clock or timer after having the power off?

Kaplan instructors said that you should never operate a breaker. If I remember correctly GFCI was the exception if they were installed in the panel and were tripped testing a GFCI protected circuit. If I was the homeowner and someone tripped the main breaker I would be upset. Think of the yelling and screaming if my DVR did not record Oprah or my underground pet fence was turned off and my pit bull gets out :slight_smile: . Just joking about Oprah and the dog but I can see some liability. Being late for work the next day because my alarm was not set. Granted that you can get a power outage at any time but trying to sue Mother Nature is difficult but the HI is an easy target.