PDA Ipaq died

After 5 years of using this device with Palm-Tech software my HP Ipaq took a crap. Now Im considering a tablet. Does anyone have any advice on what tablet to get? I need to do as much work as possible in the field. The Ipaq was good, but sometimes the screen was just to small. Lots of inputting to the laptop at home. 5 years ago this thing cost me over $300.00. Well worth it. Time to move on. I look forward to getting some suggestions.

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I used both a Dell and Ipaq for years with Palm Tech. Went to the 2go Tablet PC earlier this year and love it.

I would suggest the HP iPaq 210 PDA. It has a big high-resolution screen. The text is actually bigger and easier to read on the screen then it would be on most smaller laptops/tablets. What iPaq were you using before that died ? Getting 5 years out of ANY type of computer is very good…especially out in the field.

The record still is the original Apple Newton…we actually still have a handful of inspectors using their Newtons from over 12 years ago…ironic.

As Paul mentioned, check out the CTL2Go Tablet at http://www.ctlcorp.com . The new N2 model has a 6 cell battery that lasts 6-8 hours. For $499 you can’t beat it.

I was using model hx2495b. I checked out the 2go models. All on back order til august. Thanks. I will look into the 210. Looks like paper reports til I get back home and enter it manually into my laptop. Sucks

Contact Matt Kintze at mkintz@ctlcorp.com. He was keeping a stack aside for our users. I think there’s some of the $529 ones still left over. Email me for a $20 off coupon code, I can’t post it publicly.

I can get them!! Used the new one ( 10 in) on Sunday…too heavy for me like the small one.


210s are in stock. Go here…


$360 with free shipping…Batteries last over 12 hours and you can put it in your pocket (2go will not). Bigger screen then the 2495. I would NOT go back to manually entering into your laptop…as you said…that would SUCK !! Call us if you have any questions…715-381-1433.

You can go to www.pricegrabber.com and search for other options also.

I got a 2495 for cheap