Anyone else having issues? Brochures sent to the wrong company. I can’t get a hold of anyone on the phone and no one will reply back via email.

OK, apparently the owners sold the company to someone else and they had some issues, but assured me that the new owners are outstanding and that they are working the bugs out and will take care of business.

I’ve had two brochure orders of 1000 each with no problems in the past 6 months or so. Has the new ownership taken place recently?

Last fall I ordered 1000. Real smooth. Last month I reordered. Took almost month and many email to get my stuff. Got wrong name on 1st brochure, etc. Eventually got corrected but a lot of work.

I talked to Rob and apparently he has sold the company…BUT, the new owners have called me directly and assured me that going forward their number one priority is to take care of us. I was pretty impressed after talking with the new owner and feel that we will receive excellent service going forward.