HUB Insurance

I just got my renewal notice and was shocked to see that my premium had gone up by almost $400. Has anyone else checked into this?
If not I’ll get in touch with HUB.

Same thing here. I already contacted them. But there is little choice unless you can find someone cheaper. Good luck!

I called as well. Have not had a response yet.

One of my colleagues from Quebec received his renewal and the premium seems to have doubled, all with NO claim!!! I’m expecting an answer from HUB…

This IS a golden opportunity for newer brokers/carriers to show us their capabilities.

Not going to happen.

This is why I am dead set against the Province requiring E&O its nothing more that a cash grab!

Agents pay $200-$300. Why do we pay 10 times that, and earn the least amount of money in any real estate transaction to boot?
Go figure


Yep, mine went up too.

This seems to be an ongoing issue…for sure we are going to bring it up with the government over the licensing issue. Insurance companies should be reducing the amount of cost instead of increasing based on claims!!
I have talked to enough Hommies none admitted to having had a claim so why the increase…the insurance companies need to be accountable.
Doug you are 100% right why agents pay for a year what we pay in a month $$$
Numbers game I am told …more REA’s in CREA so less per realtor, more realtors then hommies represented by one association! This Gov’t needs to wake up, they want a better product for the people, well you can’t _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ at the same time!

Problem is that there are no new brokers/carriers for E&O but the existing ones do not want to insure home inspectors. That is why those that do just increase their rates putting you at no choice: pay what they want or get no coverage.:frowning:

Has anyone looked into lockton affinity–Joe Ferry’s recommended carrier–curious if they do canadian guys. At one point there was another guy besides HUB–now just hub?

Gee guys looks like many of you have not been reading what the more experience Home Inspectors have been saying for years.
Insurance is for the inspector and not the public.
They have all been saying advertising E&O insurance is just putting a big bulls eye on you back .
Some of these problems are self inflicted .
Sorry get mad but you tend to reap what you sew .



Scott was not a special deal set up by HUB for members? I did get conformation from Kim Smith.
I believe it works out to approximately 10% however it applies to three designations. RHI, CMI’s or NHI Inspectors.

Lockton-Affinity doesn’t offer it in Ontario.

Email every insurance company in your phone book, tell them how much of a monopoly HUB has on the market. Let them all create insurance programs for inspectors and undercut eachother until the cows come home. Screw them.

FREA & NDC Office:
2645 Financial Court (Suite A)
San Diego, CA 92117
FREA Main Phone: 800.882.4410
NDC Main Phone: 800.964.2374
Office Hours:
8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. PST Mon-Thurs
8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. PST Fri

When I had a big increase I went to them for a few years at a decent price. They cover Canadian inspectors too!

good luck - Allan

I did not email everyone but I sent a request for quote to three E&O providers. All three answered the same way: “We do not insure home inspectors”.

Yep, got the same answer from the ones I contacted. Is everyone in Alberta & B.C using HUB? Seems like they’re the only ones that have E&O insurance. Anyone out west using someone different?

Thanks for the info. Just sent them an email.

Go to

They have an application form for E&O HI insurance on line that you can fill out.

CCHI designation will get you a discount.

Their office is at
#108, 13220 St. Albert Trail
Edmonton, AB T5L-4W1
Local: 780-448-0100
Fax: 780-448-0281