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Hi, I’m looking for a new insurance provider and other local inspectors pointed me to HUB Internation. Any of you in Canada use them and how do you like them?



There are 2 HUB units in Canada: Oakville and Toronto. For Alberta, Oakville is most likely the one. They are licensed for Alberta.

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Ask for Kim Smith

HUB has an office in Edmonton as well. HUB is a broker, the policy they sell is from Totten who are part of the Lloyds group.
So if your current provider is selling you a Totten policy, you will be getting the same policy from HUB. As far as I know Totten is the only provider of E&O for HI. I would be interested in learning about others if there are any legit ones out there for Canada.
Watch out for upselling.

I’m getting my quote today, I’ll let you know how

There are others but some are exiting! We (InterNACHI-Québec) have a policy with Axis and super service from Hub HKMB (Toronto). Still, we are on the continuous lookout for better - and more effective (read cheaper) - coverage.

I was at Lloyd’s (in London, England) last year negotiating with 7 underwriters and a Canada-wide deal for all InterNACHI members is still a possibility! Where we have a problem is that individual members are reluctant to offer us their claims experience and without this information, no underwriter will even dare a quote!


Good point Gilles, however it’s interesting to hear about insurers providing their stats. Other than the high risk home inspectors present…

But I admire your work to get a better deal for inspectors.


This is the quote I got today, going with option 4. Option 1, 2 doesn’t work in BC/Alberta.

Option 3 $1,000,000/$2,000,000. $1,000 $2,700
Option 4 $1,500,000./$3,000,000. $1,000 $3,175
Option 5 $2,000,000./$2,000,000. $1,000 $3,615

I think it’s cheaper than what I had. I’m happy.


Thanks for the info… Roy

What was one and two info and what areas …

David, does it afford you the same coverage as what you had before?..just curious. :slight_smile:

Just a word of explanation to what I’ve been doing (point raised by Claude), I’m not getting the time of day from insurers as to claims (why should they give me this info when I can take away their profitable business, so this is why we have to try to get it from the individuals and that is very difficult for reasons I am not so certain to understand). I’ve been doing this for 11 years BTW. Sad as the purchasing power of 1600 is much better than 250!



Things are still the same we went through this at a Toronto home inspection conference in 2002 and many promises and no returns from the insurance companies .

We got the same returns in 2004 at a Toronto conference .
The insurance companies are still not our friend .

I wish you well Gilles please keep trying … Roy

Option 1 $500,000/$1,000,000. $1,000 $0
Option 2 $750,000./$1,500,000. $1,000 $0

Seem to be getting more than before with lower deductible.

David, does it afford you the same coverage as what you had before?..just curious. :slight_smile:

What I means is, does the new coverage include Radon, WDO,employees, etc., whereas the old coverage did not? :slight_smile:

I concur. I had a lower deductable and paid 1,000 more for much more coverage.
Thinking of going back to the old polcey from Kim.

Hub is no longer underwritten by Totten. They are now underwritten by Axis. FYI.