Hub International E & O

Has anyone bought their E&O from HUB International. They were at the conference in Toronto and seemed like they were going to provide pretty good rates. I am about to fill out the forms I picked up at the conference so I can get a quote but wanted to get feedback from inspectors who might know something about them that I should know.

Several prevoius posts all point to the same thing, lack pf response on their part.
Contact them and mention it. See what response you get.
They took all my contact info at the conference and will send me the info. No response yet.

With this sort of response, what will they do when you file a claim? Food for thought.

Did Hub send you the contract with details of coverage before they took your money?

I was at the conference in Toronto and while taking the final day of the mould course 2 reps from Hub came in and gave their little sales pitch, said they would be available after the course finished . I went to were they were located and BEHOLD no one around. Tried contacting them by e-mail still no response. Pretty good outfit to deal with I would say.:roll:

I have also just filled out the paper work and about to send it in. Hope they respond soon as my present insurance comes due the first of July and I would like a quote before I renew. But from what I see on this board I will not get answer before its to late for this year.

Hi everyone,

Somewhat new to NACHI, but so far looks to be a helpful organization.
I just finished getting insurance from HUB on Mon. this week. Just got my Binder of Insurance, evidencing that my coverages are in place. Also received a certificate of insurance that can be used as proof of insurance for my customers. Took 4 days by snail mail. Not too bad if you ask me. :wink: Although, it’s not the actual policy documents from the insurer, it serves the purpose in the interim until they arrive. Which Hub says will be shortly. (We shall see) The important thing is that as of Mon. I was fully insured.:cool:

I dealt with Kim Smith at the Oakville office. 1-800-263-2383. Ext.251
Fx. 905-847-6613. She was excellent and verrry helpful. If your having trouble give her a call I’m sure she can help you.

Well I guess no one has been shafted by these people as yet. I am not impressed by their response time but then again there is not a lot of options either. Those of you who have other insurers what do you think of them? What companies are out there for us Canadians? I will probabally go another month or so without insurance just to see if anyone else weighs in on this issue.
Thanks Again and keep up the good work.

Still too expensive!

In my opinion the cost for E&O should not exceed $1200.

If I was paying $2500 to $5000 per year I would be damned if I would advertise that I have E&O!

Seems shortsighted to spend that sort of money then advertise you are insured so some disgruntled client can take a run at you thinking your E&O is an insurance/warranty policy. Dumb, dumb and dumber.

I just filled in all the forms and sent it to them express post from BC (supposed to take two business days so they should get it on Monday). My FREA policy comes due on July 1st so I made a point of saying I need to have a quote within the next two weeks. We shall see what happens.

I am dealing with Kim Smith at the Oakville office. 1-800-263-2383. Ext.251
Fx. 905-847-6613. She is on the ball.
The guy listed as our contact on the MB is a little flakey, Kim is on the ball had my info emailed to me in 1 day after I called.

Hey Ray,

If your only paying $1,200 for E&O, please shed some light on your provider. HUB is the cheapest that I have found anywhere and that’s why I finally decided to go with them. As for advertising that your insured, well I agree with you, that’s just dumb and your asking for trouble. On the other hand if a realtor ask if your insured it’s nice to be able to say that you are. The nice thing with being covered with HUB also, is that they have a provision in their policy that covers the referal agent or broker if you get sued and they are implicated. Now, thats a great marketing tool.
As for the price, if I could find any cheaper, especially at half of what I’m paying, of course I would go with that policy. But as they say, the difference between an insurance company and a mosquito, is that one’s a blood sucking parasite and the other is an insect. Hmmmm, I guess the same could be said about lawyers. :mrgreen:


I have declined insurance. If a realtor asks about being insured thats one thing, but to openly advertise it is another.

As to referal coverage I have yet to book an inspection through a realtor that asked about it, so at least in my case its really an irrelevant feature.


HUB is the cheapest that I have found anywhere and that’s why I finally decided to go with them.

I am left wondering what Hub has charged you and for what coverage, etc. If you don’t mind sharing that I know I would appreciate it.

I Guess others are talking about Hub as well. This is from another thread, ( wish I could figure out how to copy threads properly)

I wonder if you got the same treatment Mark?

*I guess I did manage to get the quote to show properly.

I got the same quote Aulden.
E&O - $2,600 for 1M with $2,500 deduct. There is cheaper if you want less coverage.
GLC - $675 for 1M
Crime- $50

After qoutes from Thibodeau, AXA, Frea… this is a great price. It beats some by over a $1K and another by almost 50%. In fact I can get all the coverages cheaper than the cheapest quote for just E&O.
As Ray say’s it’s still alot of $$$$ :frowning: to dish out especially if your not doing alot of inspections that month. On the other hand I’ve been going without for 3 years now and it feels good to sleep alittle better at night.

Thanks for the info. I too am loosing a little sleep over not having E&O but I sill can’t afford it at this point in the process of starting up my business. It sure costs a lot to get everything in place and the machine working properly, especially in terms of time spent researching and developing things like web sites and marketing strategies.
I guess I will likely wait for a few more inspections this year before considering E & O. I am about $1300 in the hole at this point and am about to spend another 1000 or so on new business cards, brochures, vehicle advertizing and possibly a mail out to past customers etc.

I just received a phone call from Kim at hub and she is going to send me all the info I need for a quote. Kim does seem to be on the ball she is the only one to call me personally from 3 different companies.
I’ll let everyone know what comes of this . (if anything) Maybe insurance companies are a necessary evil of this business.

An update. I sent an email on the 8th June after I posted above. Kim called and sent me info 11th on June.
I collected all the info and sent it all back on the 14th of June. Kim sent quote of $2600 today.
Definetly, if you want a response, deal with Kim personally.
You will get a response
Kim Smith at the Oakville office. 1-800-263-2383. Ext.251
Fx. 905-847-6613.

I sent all my info to HUB on June 7th. Kim got in contact with me straight away and today I sent her a cheque for $1850.00 for my E&O insurance. I already had GL for a better price than they could offer.

So far I have been very pleased with the response time.

I spoke with Kim personally on the phone and told her she was getting some bad press on our BB as they were not responding fast enough to our inquiries. I guess they got the picture. Sounds like they want our business and are willing to work for it a little more. Thanks and I will let you know how things go for me.
P.S. 2 inspections today after about a month of nothing. Its beginning to pick up.