FannieMae 1004 D Form

Anyone have an editable 1004D Fannie Mae form? Word or PDF format preferably. I’ve found a lot of them, but none are editable.

I use Nitro PDF professional to make my forms editable. I bought it new on EBay for about $20.00 .

Thanks Jim I’ll look into that.

I have been doing research and while HUD will accept the 1004D form it can not replace a 92051 for new construction. It also looks like HUD requires the appraiser to fill it out. It doesn’t look like FannieMae is concerned about who does it, but all the implications are for appraisers, so I think it’s a moot point.

Adobe Acrobat will allow you to create a form out of any PDF document.

I have 4262 on excel with macros.

1004D & FannieMae 4262 are two different sections completed on the same form.

4262 (Appraisal Update) requires the value of the original appraisal to be certified against the completed property and in todays world appraisers are reluctant to complete. Typically a new appraisal will need to be completed.

The 1004D (Certification of Completion) is used to verify the home built meets the original plans and specs. Most lenders will mark “complete” as long as the Cost to Cure does not exceed 3% of the original value.

Again these are on the same document differing the 2 by which are of the form is completed per request of the lender and acceptance to do so by a Licensed Appraiser.

These come with appraisers software or FannieMae and there is a reason the are not editable, it’s a legal certifying document and can only be modified by the Appraiser.

I use the 92051form in place of 1004D.

Costs a small fortune for editing a couple of PDFs.

Is that something that can be shared? If so would you be willing to send me a copy? MarkNahrgang @ (without the spaces)

I did a 92051 for them, but they wanted a 1004D for some reason.

Temporary Final Conclusion…

I never did find an editable version but told the lender I would be happy to fill one out by hand. She apparently had the ability to edit one, so she filled it out and e-mailed it to me. I printed it, signed it (and added “Hud Fee Inspector” next to my name to distinguish that I was not an appraiser), signed it, scanned it, and sent it back.

Hopefully it will work for her, and I don’t catch hell for it…

Heading out but I think it is ok.
Will send later .

Use it for residential multi family buildings.

True. However, it has a huge amount of other features that I use all the time. You’re right though, bad investment if you’re only going to use it a couple times.