Structural issues everywhere...

As stated in other threads, I did a 3-family forclosure inspection today with issues throughout the building.

This is a support post someone added in after the floors started sagging from extensive Termite damage.

“Click to Enlarge”


Check out the major infestation from Termites…

Main carrying beam with my probe pentrating right through…

I pushed some wood ceiling coverings out of the way and looky here. Major termite damage right up the wall framing and into floor joists and the sub-flooring itself.




Ohhh, the convenience of swimming pools in the attic (2)…





nice finds,work.

pic 2… hard to tell but looks like water problem under/around bsmt window
in background

I guess nobody cooks…

Yup. You name it. It was happening in this building.

And for christ sakes, pick up your damn mess…



I bet it smelled real good too.

Simply unreal…and someone was interested in buying it?..looks similar to my Travesty posts…:D…I said the same thing to myself…“someone is really interested in buying this”…:shock:

I hope you didn’t talk someone out of buying this “cute little bungalow” with “a real lived in feel!” You deal killer you1 I can’t believe you pushed stuff aside to look for termite damage!:wink: :wink:

Many years ago when my wife and I were looking to buy our first home, a female Realtor who was taking us around kept using the term “it has nice curb appeal”. Finally, after about the 30th POS she had shown us, as we pulled up to this pile of crap and she says…It has nice curb appeal, I told her the only damn thing appealing about the place was the curb. She didn’t want to be our Realtor anymore.

Great termite pictures, David, mind if I copy them?
Great tenant trash pictures, too, but i’ll pass on those. :smiley:

Oh yea…It was ripe. Trust me. It was so bad I had to continue my reporting on another level.

Yes, he told me that he wanted to purchase this 3-family due to the price (foreclosure price), and he hired me to see why?

He’s going to try and get the bank to come down quite a bit due to the major structural damage. I don’t think the bank will budge.

Nice reply. Compared to some houses I inspect, the curb is quite pretty.

When the MLS states that a home needs TLC, it actually means that the house has [FONT=Verdana]Major structural damage.[/FONT]

Absolutely. Go for it.

Looking at some of your other threads on this house it may be a good idea to purchase and use as a training house…looks like the whose who of issues!
I personally like the extension cord stealing the neighbors power…fan favorite…

Not sure if photo attached but do screw type peirs remain permanently?

is it ok to have them on a concrete block in a wet crawlspace floor?

Is this jack upside down with screw at bottom?

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What inspector school did you come from?
TLC in realtorspeak is **TRUCK LOAD of CASH :twisted: **
Inspection 101

Hi Mark;
We talked about this before and this comment was made.

I write-up screw type jacks or posts as “temporary supports.” So it doesn’t matter to me which end is up, it needs to come out after a permanent support is installed.

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Further information here:
Write these or similar up. They are not intended as permanent structural supports no matter what their size is.

badair]( that helps.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: