Hunt for this years venision .

Just about 4 min before time to clear out, about 18 yds with a compound bow, this years Christmas venison roast made an appearance. :smiley: Always thankful I get to hunt, this years 8 point just shy last years 10 point but every bit as tasty I’ll bet. Hope you boys down south have a great hunt too.


Nice deer Bruce!!!

You shot him while he was sledding?..


Beat me to it lolol;-)

He was second one to come through, the red nose on the first one threw me off. HoHoHo.

Awesome I sure miss my yearly Deer Hunts.

Since I finally learned to make jerky after a lifetime of trying I have not gotten a deer :frowning:

I used to go to S.C. everyyear after thanksgiving. Good times :slight_smile:

Oh no, not Bambi.

I think that is Rudolf .
You mean man…
How is Santa gonna find his way around without Rudolf?

Well, he said it wasn’t the one with the red nose. So it may be Bambi. Oh the horror.

Bambi tastes soooo good very tender, just not much meat. Bucks, the tenderloin is choice hind quarters steak and or roast, front quarters roast. Fried heart & liver, hunting day reward, tenderloin butcher day reward.

I don’t have to go out hunting here in North Florida I just get day old roadkill

Got many good meals off the side of the road:|.):cool:
Hit one in N. Michigan once on the way to visit a friend of a friend. It stuck it’s head out into the road and my bumper hit it square did zero damage to the van, zero damage to the meat, threw it the van. I had no idea how poor they were, until we got there, we opened up the back of the van and asked if they wanted it, the whole family looked like 5 year olds on Christmas morning.:smiley: