Hurrican straps proper install

First time I’ve seen this and i have a roofing company telling me they installed the straps correctly, yet they marked in single on the wind mit. While these straps are installed withing the 1/2" gap from truss shouldn’t they be connected vertically to the wall top plate rather than nailed across the top of the top plate? This would insure the stap took the seer load rather than just the fasteners, correct?

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I just can’t find where that strap is even approved for a retrofit application. Maybe ask them for that.

Maybe this will help

Les i appreciate you sending me that link. I will keep it for reference and share with the roofer down here. Basically, this setup does not prove to give them any credits unless i can identify a metal connector that ties the top plate to the studs. In this case its im not able to identify that connection. However, with that clip being present they should get clip credits.

I reviewed the simpson documentation earlier today and obviously there is no diagram showing my customers current application.

I agree with this

I commend you for going above and beyond to try to find out an answer for this.


I appreciate all of your help. I just had to break the news to the client. Brand new install and she is not happy. On top of all of this the roofer on the mitigation form marked it as a single strap. If it was installed correctly as he though t it was it should have been marked double. Les thank for your help my friend. Stay well!