Hurricane Ready

Perhaps you should do the same . Stop disgracing yourself with your comments and slurs . I did stand up for your once but never again .

I’ll pray for you.
Just remember you brought that shame upon yourself.

Explain that Linas so everyone sees . what shame do you speak of . Be the the righteous man you portray . Do not be a key board coward set yourself free . be clear to explain in detail what shame i have brought on myself and family Which i doubt you will I am waiting .

We made it through the storm…with no damage to our home. Guess that A1 rating on the wind mit was true! :wink:

Did have some damage in the back yard though…

And the road to our house is still “passable”.

Good! We got hardly any rain with light to moderate wind and an occasional gust .

Well that is good news so far now for the guys above you

I don’t want to embarrass you.
I’ll pray that you can one day live without the hatred that you have for our brothers that take up with white trash.
There’s nothing wrong with what she did to you. Jesus teaches us to love all of our brothers and sisters.
I do believe that there is still hope that you will one day turn your life around.
I love you Wayne.

We get thunderstorms like that every Summer.

So there you have it folks , the key board coward diverts . That will not show his true self . Explain Linas or you just another X drunk with hatred hiding behind christian values . My life is fine thank you very much , And hold off on the love thing . I don’t want to catch any sheep diseases . I am not the one that hates the brothers you have shown that hatred many times . So if you are too much of a coward to show what you mean you should just shut up . Many times you shown ignorance on this MB and tried to blame someone else ( hacking your account ) you have called other members wives despicable words and my daughter white trash . You constantly post deplorable pictures of African American people sending you little hidden crap. Some people on here think your funny or even scared to say something . Just move on and be silent on or explain fully what you mean . I am betting you will not be the man you pretend to be .

That must be one of his employees again and for sure not Linas.

Did I say something wrong?
I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings Wayne.
Cheer up.

Holy cannoli, are you testing out some new waders?

Reading your rant made the BS go up past my knees.

Really Mikey show me what is not true .

Right after you show me my alleged hypocrisy wayney the whiner.

Or are you still searching?

LOL Why is this about you ? I have no time to search 66.000 posts, Unlike you i do inspections

You asked me a question. I simply told you when I would answer.

And i care about you answering Why again ? I said prove me wrong you dance the dance . just mind your own business if you cant answer . how ever you couldn’t resist protect your boy . lol

Then don’t ask bonehead.

Why must the simplest of things be explained to you?

If you didn’t want to be involved why comment lol

you are some special kind of stupid. has kevy been giving you lessons?