Hurricane Straps New Construction

New construction. 2020. Was inspecting for wind mitigation and could not find any hurricane clips/straps that I am used to. All I could find was full straps and partial straps with 3 nails on the top plate. Any help is appreciated.

Were there any at at the roof to wall connection?

No. This is in FL. I’ve been told by another contractor that they installed the engineered screws from the bottom of the top plate up through the truss. Anyone hear of this?

Roy is in Florida. He’s a lic state contractor.
That pic does not show a roof to wall connection.
It looks like some other type of beam or strip than runs perpendicular to the truss cord that is not the attachment required.
Got any more pics?

He’s describing TimberLoK (or similar) structural screws .
You can’t see them or verify them once the walls are assembled.


Thank you. In this picture I think you can see the screw. How would you report this on a wind mit? Thanks.

Can you show us a end wall to roof.

I looked @ the video on the site & still do not see how this made a RTW connection on the OP pics.
The screws (can’t tell they may be nails?) do not appear to be fastening the truss.
The metal bracket they are nailed to are adjacent to the truss.
I give! :cowboy_hat_face:

That’s the problem with these screws, can’t see them from the attic after the fact (he posted a second pic showing a shiner TimberLok, red colored screw, enlarge the photo to see it).

The metal connectors in the OP aren’t the RTW.

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A second screw visible, head only.


Saw that too, the 2nd screw up top.

I’d call it a toenail.

I’m in southwest Louisiana and always look for hurricane straps like in the photo. Not sure if the type of fasteners Jeremy is describing would survive a Cat 2 hurricane. Just curious—do the roof to wall fastener requirements differ with truss roofs and standard joist and rafter construction?