Hurricane straps

What is the nailing pattern for hurricane straps?

Good morning Bro’ here’sthe requested info for metal scroll down for fastening table and further info on hurricane straps, anchors and ties for wood

Here in Florida it is 3 nails on one side with the strap wrapping over and securing to the opposite side of the rafter/truss with a minimum of one nail. The strap must be attached to the top plate of the wall frame or embedded in the bond beam in at least one place.


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Here the put a strap up out of the foundation about 4" wide and 16" up the wall with holes for nails about 1/2 " apart. And the straps are just by the garage doors.

They put nails in almost every hole seems like more would not always be better.

Yet they do not strap the roof to the wall.

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You maybe seeing straps to tie the walls to the foundation.

Is JOCO now requiring wind protection or structual attachment of the framing?

I think it’s the later and when all holes aren’t filled due to wood splitting switch to 16d fasteners.

They have been putting straps on from the foundation to the wall for some time now.

But they nail them with a box of 8-10 penny nails