hurricane watch or warning with shutter credit

ATB # 014-12 – July 25, 2012

Citizens is amending its Windstorm Protective Devices endorsement forms to add a penalty that will reduce claim payments for partial Windstorm or Hail coverage if policyholders who receive an Opening Protection premium credit do not close and secure shutters or other opening protection devices during a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning from the National Weather Service for any location within the state of Florida.

This change will be effective:

September 1, 2012 – new business
October 1, 2012 – renewals

The level of impact- and pressure-rated opening protection in place will determine the credit applied to the policy and the amount of loss reduction. The payment for partial Windstorm or Hail coverage on Coverages A, C and D [and Coverage E for Dwelling Property 3 – Special Form (CIT DP-3) and Dwelling Property 2 – Wind Only Form (DW-2) policies] will be reduced by:

Actually, I can’t find fault with that one. Just wondering, what if shutters are secured but blow away? For those of you doing Home Watch, better get date stamped pics for the client.

Kind of like workers’ comp not paying benefits if an injured worker wasn’t using protective devices. I can understand…
But I think if I had shutters in place, I’d take a photo to document it each time… otherwise, like was said - what if they blow off? Each time they’re put up, I’d advise the client to take pics…otherwise, the insurer will likely say, “Prove to me you had shutters in place…”

Good advice, I have always taken a date stamp picture after I lock down my house.

Who they going to pay to drive around and check on this? Or they only going to do it after the fact when claims come in and shutters are not complete?

I would not think that ALL your shutters would blow off during a storm. And, there would probably be evidence of damage created by shutters that do blow off. So, I do not think time dated photos would be necessary.

In Florida…
U can secure a shutter…

the Home will blow away with the shutters…

That policy has been in effect prior to this memo.
I have an insurance guy who has told me if you don’t try to protect your home, like say you want new windows and don’t cover the ones you have, you will not be covered.

Could you post the rest of the memo. You kinda cut it off before the climax. Also, maybe a brief explanation of what those insurance forms are (b, c, & d)and does a client ever really see those forms or is this something that happens totally in the adjusters office.

Exactly what is it that you from the toe nail and I think we might have a building code but I am unsure what it is state have too contribute to this thread

When Citizens give you a credit for opening protection, we are warned that if the opening protection is not used during a storm this may effect any claim.
If you get a credit for shutters and etc then don’t use why should the insurance company pay for the damage.