Wind Mit Opening Protection

Let’s say a house has half of its windows protected by a shuttering system but the other half are not. Do you photograph the protected windows/shutters/markings and add the photos to the report knowing they will not get credit on glazed opening protection?

I do. While it may not be required to verify the protected openings (if X overall), it is good customer service to let your client know what qualifies and what does not.

As I read in the recent opening protection thread where A & A3 can sometimes result in all-or-none credits outside of the HVHZ, I’m getting wary of even discussing credits with customers. I’m trying to establish how far to distance myself when the customer asks, “Will I get credit?”

I want to provide them with the best answer so that my service is appreciated and I leave a good impression. I’m leaning towards phrasing it as, “You have quite a few areas that are hurricane protected. It’s up to the insurance underwriters to determine where they give discounts - it can vary from company to company. My report contains documentation of every protected opening. Hopefully that will work in your favor!”

Is this a good approach? It seems like an unproductive conversation to get into with customers deeply. Either you end up slagging the “evil insurance companies” or you look like stickler for being the one denying them the credit.

I tell them what is wrong and what is needed if they go for the credit so they know what must be there at time of inspection.

No need in doing work that will result in nothing.

Sorry if this has been gone over a few times but do they give out credits for anything less than A & A1?

If all glazed openings are protected but a non-glazed opening (garage door) is not hurricane rated is the still a chance of a credit? Can someone get credit for A & A3?

I keep hearing different things. I believe no credit in HVHZ unless A and A1 but like I say I am not sure. I BELIEVE each company can do as they wish.

So if they can do as they wish then speculating on what qualifies may be setting the customer up for disappointment, right? I think I’m going to go the me know nothing route. Works for married life!

YEAH that is what I have been trying to get across to the know it alls. They can’t help trying to prove how darn smart they are. WHY>>>>>>>>>>>Nothing to be gained by inspector.

As long as your customers understand that any determination of credits is up to their insurance company and not you, you’ll be on the right track. Give advice, explain the form, answer most any question you can but “Will I get a credit?” you cannot answer.

I use the attached photo sheet so the customer, agent and whoever else looks at it should be able to tell which openings are OK and which ones could be improved. It’s not as easy as John Shishilla’s form and some of the others out there but it works for me. It’s easy to drag and drop photos, add/delete sections and make notes. And when it’s done, it’s easy to see what is A Rated, Not Protected, etc. When all the photos are in, print to PDF and combine with the 4 page 1802 PDF and you’re done. The process is not as fast as others but, like I said, it works for me.

I try to have a picture for each different scenario - I show a pic of each different opening protection device (rated & non rated), a glazed door (protected and unprotected), a solid door, skylight, garage door============ The more you show the better the report. If you just show one window on a home that is entirely protected, the underwriters do not get a warm and fuzzy feeling… by showing many openings on a mixed protected and unprotected home it gives the HO an idea what is acceptable, and what is not. I will show a pic of a clam shell shutter and label it “Non Rated Protection”

Document all existing in case they upgrade in the future and call for a reinspection. It will make the future inspection easier and eliminate any he said, she said

I agree for your own records and keep. Makes re-inspection fly by and quick trip to bank.

Good advise

Thanks all! Hopefully I’ll never have to field a call where the owner is mad saying “you said I’d get a discount for…!”

In reality most people/homes have had a wind mit already. They are usually already “getting the discounts” you are there so they can keep them. Unfortunately the form has changed and that alone will cause many to “loose discounts.” If you factor-in fraudulent and mistaken older wind mits a large portion them “looses discounts” based on your new accurate wind mit. Doing wind mitigation used to be fun and helpful, not so much anymore, now the accurate guy is, the bad guy. How much is it worth to make people mad at you even when you are not the cause of the issue? How about when the new buyer can no longer afford the payment because the rate that they are going to get with the accurate wind mit doesn’t allow them to qualify for the mortgage? That is what the wind mitigation inspector has to deal with today.

Yep all day long :frowning: It is really sad.