HVAC age...

HEIL (Furnace) Serial No. 4357 5873

Looks to be about 25 years old.

TRANE (A/C) 77C 20095

Appears about 30 years old.

Never mind–I found the damn book in a bottom drawer.

Both units appear to have been manufactured in 1977.

Thanks, anyway.

Bad day Jae?

Maybe Jae is just impatient today :wink:

we all Have it sometimes Micheal. My wife calls it old age

That’s about right.

Yeah, it’s been a bad day–out in the rain a bit. I’m too old for this sort of thing.

My arthritis and sciatica…

and anything else you can imagine.

I feel pretty good when the sunshines, though. Then I can work in the yard.

try this website http://hiseach.org/havc.aspx

Looks like a good site, Randy–but it didn’t go back far enough for this old stuff.

BTW, the URL posted is misspelled…

http://hisearch.org/hvac.aspx works much better.

Yeah don’t you love growing old hair poking out in strange places, bones crunching,eyes get weak. lol Then they ask why so grumpy

Yes… the hair I lose grows in other places, YEAH!

So I’m not really losing hair at all! Just relocating!

I hope it never gets so bad I ask "Doc, can you transplant the hair from my lower back or ears :slight_smile: to my head?