HVAC installation

This installation is in a co-op apartment, it is installed over a shower stall with a drop ceiling, Im thinking this is not correct , any comments ?

2nd picture shows a cover ontop of a shaft, the client is concerned about fresh air entering his unit and the cover prevents that (according to him). any comments on this cover and also what would be a good reference on HVAC instillation, thanks.

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If it leaks, it won’t damage much! :wink:

I’m sorry, but the photos and information lack sufficient information to comment on. Even with the most detailed information, it is a WAG (wild a$$ guess at best).

You where there, what is your impressions?

If you saw a hazard, go with that. The client’s concern is the only concern. It does not have to be fixed, the property doesn’t have to be purchased.

The Mfg’s installation manuals for the equipment you are looking at.
Carrier Blue book etc. covers many standard practices.

HVAC is an area that is mostly outside the scope of HI.
90% are not installed 100% correct.
100% have failure after the inspection.

If it were me, I would keep away from as much HVAC as I could until I got
a firm grip on the subject.

If the client has concerns, he/she should consult with an HVAC contractor/engineer.

*If **you do not have the education, provide where the information can be obtained. It is not your job to know everything, just where to find it. *

I had to look at the picture more than once David. :slight_smile:

I see nothing wrong from the pics.

Looks like green field, maybe you feel it should be secured better?

The chimny is just being used as a raceway for the other vents from what I can see, so I am guessing this is an older building that once had a central boiler. It may very well be it needed capping.

P>S never pull those dropped ceiling panels unless you want liability for the entire ceiling.
So go back and pull the rest now.(just kidding, but not really).

Hey thanks for the input. So you guys dont see any problem with the HVAC installation ? I just thought it was a weird place to put it (over the shower stall) especially with a drop ceiling, I usually see these things in a closet.
Also I forgot to mention that the return air grill does not have a duct attached to it, in other words there is no return air duct attached to this unit, it is just pulling air from inside the walls.

P.S Panels were already down

The ceiling is the plenum.

This is more like a commercial application.