Improper Installation

This was recently installed in the garage by the home owner (he was an HVAC contractor).

Anyone want to explain what they see as the problem? I’ll give you a hint - IRC 309.1.1

Wild,…does he also have a butcher shop in town?

Where is the Zinsco?

No Zinsco here. This one had a Bull Dog (pushmatic).

Bull Dog…:smiley:

Man I get a kick out of the things you come across…:shock:

What did you recommend for the breach?..:shock:

It was a long narrative that basically explained what is not allowed with emphasis on the breach of the rated separation.

You would think the owner already knew what was wrong, being a contractor** :smiley: **

**R309.1.1 Duct penetration.

**Ducts in the garage and ducts penetrating the walls or ceilings separating the dwelling from the garage shall be constructed of a minimum No. 26 gage (0.48 mm) sheet steel or other approved material and shall have no openings into the garage.


Does that flex stainless have to be “positively” mounted to the structure where it transitions to the valve and flex connector?

Yes it does Charles, although that was only a “minor” condition compared to some of the things this guy did.

The long narrative included securing the CSST and several other things. The entire installation was “suspect.”

Here’s another example of this guys handy work. . .

Is that a soot mark or charring below that connection?

I didn’t see anything like that Mike. The installation was only a couple months old.

I thought that he may have used a torch of some sort to ‘fit’ these fittings by the scorch mark (if that’s what it is) below the connection in the pic…

We used to say “there are two kind of plumbers (gas fittings might apply here), pipe fitters and pipe fighters!”


makes you think twice when you: “Recommend repairs by licensed HVAC contractor.”

:shock: :shock:

That’s where he was leak testing with his lighter!

flex line not allowed to run into the unit casing. I also think that the yellow flex was recalled due to lightning problems causing leaks and fires.

Appliance connectors are not allowed to pass through the cabinet, you are correct.

There have been no recalls on CSST.

that’s yellow??? looks like rust.

Wow…:shock: Are some of those flex connectors in your last " flex connector -coupling pipe- flex pipe" picture (copper in color) some of the “warning replace these” asap flex connector types?
There is a huge campaign by our local gas company to replace all old copper color (non-coated) flex connectors due to coupling separation issues.

BOOM! House is gone type of problem.:shock:

Scary stuff guys!!!

What was even the purpose of the black iron and coupling, when the 1/2" fitting in the coupling would have screwed into the 1/2" gascock with no problem? How can people who do this kind of work have enough brains to keep a business going? It’s guys like this who give contractors a bad name. :roll:

The flex in the picture from the valve to the cabinet looks like an appliance connecter and not CSST. See the smaller diameter right at the fitting?

You are correct. It was CSST connected to an appliance connector.