No Immigrants (please)

I am still amazed about not what I saw , but later on by what I heard,fron the HVAC guy.
First of all I had to shut the gas to the water Heater, when I found the control leaking.My tiff went off like a siren near the fanned exhaust too.
drain pan had a hole to the (nothing) just a hole.Bad enough
I look at the HVAC schedule 40 and see it has a intake with one problem.

Now take a closer look if you can.(sorry still on the report to rotate)

This is a Rheem Weather king (high efficiency)

If yoiu can tell , the guy cut it.
My client was gone when I ran into the HVAC guy driving up.
I asked are you here for the gas leak, to which he replied in a thick Polish accent . NO I do only furnace.

Ok great , why did you not hook up the intake vent.

Me hooked up, but City guy say it is not needed because of bifold doors so I go to all units and cut like heem say.

If you look close enough you can see this schedule 40 cut right at the elboes

His lack of understanding English caused this.

DSCN0032 (Small).JPG

DSCN0025 (Small).JPG

DSCN0024 (Small).JPG

Them darn City guys…:twisted:

I could not believe this guy was a professional Chris.

So your surprised about what he did? :mrgreen: I’m not.

It’s to bad he cut them… It would have been safe and better in my opinion if the guy left them as is.
The MFG of the appliance has final say if that make / model can pull indoor air for combustion. I had the same situation except the installer did not use an elbow as required by the appliance MFG. I told and displayed the mfg installation instructions and low and behold mister GC your sub is wrong!

As for the city inspector who stated that, he should have known better.:roll:

O Vel eyes gots to go baks to verk…:wink:

Nice to see your last 2-shots leaves one with the impression of a rosy outcome :twisted:

Barry if you mean the tint, that is from not using flash in order to give more detail to the problem.
Sometimes no flash works better.