HVAC- Venmar Recalls 1991-2001

The serial # in that after the 9P(or whatever), the next two numbers are the series and the next two numbers are the Year. Unit’s in the 1991 - 2001 yr. time frame have the recall, Please call 1-866-441-4645 and give them the #'s off the unit and they will send you the part.

Hi Chuck

The better Phone number to call, rather than the call centre, is Venmar directly at 1-800-567-3855

I think we are entering unknown territory by trying to keep track of product recalls, let alone informing clients.

Is there concern amongst others about liability by mentioning recalls? I don’t know about others but I don’t keep track of all the recalls. The latest one that has come to light is Maytag front loading washers. And just this week flourscent light bulbs have become an issue.

Interesting point Ray. If you start reporting product recalls are you not then implying that you are monitoring for all product recalls? And then if you miss one and there is a catastrophic fire, or the toilet tank cracks, or the garage door comes down on the new Bimmer or the built in vac’ goes nuts and sucks all the fuzz off the Persian carpet and the pet cat or . . . . . . . . :shock: </IMG>

Makes on wonder what CSA and Ulc, ESA are doing, let alone the manufactures testing procedures. I don’t need the extra worry or the liability.

So if you know and do not tell the client and something really bad happens, Well if you can live with that then do so but I for one will let the clients know of any concerns that I am aware of, you tell them that through our great message board here at NACHI that you heard of … and let them know where to look and or send them info, this does not make you a expert on recalls, just looking out for your clients and their family, fires kill people>:(

And if you don’t know? If you start listing one recall then you have set a precedence of informing clients of recalls, and that would entail keeping an up-to-date recall list.

Personally I am not inspecting to take on that sort of liability and I don’t believe your insurance policy requires it or would protect you from failure to mention items as its outside the scope of the SOP.

I understand there is a recall out for all of us some sooner and some later. Me I just ignore all recalls if they do not concern me .

Roy Cooke

having been in this busness as long or maybe longer than Ray & Roy, I must agree with Ray’s assessment on the recall issue. If you mention one you will have to monitor for all or you will sooner or later open yourself up to trouble and potential litigation. Our job is not to monitor recalls, it’s the manufacturers and their distributors that should be informing consumers. Ray, Roy and myself have been through this discussion before over the past 20 years and had reached the same conclusion the last time this issue was raised. Be very, very carefull what you report on, because it might bite you in the back side at one point sooner or later.
Best regards

Thanx Wolf, will have to rethink my approach!!

Do you point out Lennox Pulse furnaces if you come across one??

Good points Wolf about the manufacturers and distributors contacting the owners. Never thought of that.


I guess I will take that as a yes, Raymond:)

No I leave it to the media and the press to relay recalls, they seem to be very good at doing that.

As to Lennox Pulse; which model year are your referring to?

to the best of recollection (however I could be wrong) the Lennox recall and free heat exchanger replacement program ended some time ago. If I remember correctly the furnaces affected were installed during a time frame in the 80’s, which would mean most of them likely have been replaced since. I for one have not seen one in a very long time.

See this site for more info: http://www.inspect-ny.com/heat/lennox1.htm


I recall seeing a Pulse furnace almost a decade ago, haven’t seen one in recent memory.


Did one last week a pulse 14 they had an electric heater running as the gas was shut of and the meter removed .
This was the home that had the uffi in it .
Every thing else was down hill from there.
The agent talked him into another home much nicer .
There are some great agents out there .
Roy Cooke

It may be over, but if my client has one that was not inspected, I believe it to be my due diligence to point it out.

Can we be aware of every recall? Absolutely not, but if I can save my client a few bucks, or even better, a serious safety hazard, I will point it out.

if I would find a Lennox Pulse furnace installed in 1989 (18 years old now) I would advise my client to budget for a new furnace. End of problem.