Do You Check for Recalls of Furnaces or Water Heaters?

Carbon Monoxide Leaks Probed in Chicago Deaths

If you check stoves/ovens for recalls, do you check the fireplace gas logs, water heaters, furnaces, boilers etc.??
Do the “right inspectors” check** all gas fired appliances** for recalls?

Yes. Next question

The only items we note that have been the subject of class action lawsuits or recalls are Premiere furnaces that were recalled in CA, and PB plumbing. These fall under duty of care because they are such big ticket items.

They found no C/O but people are dropping like flies.
Who would stay there after that ?

Again crews used carbon monoxide meters throughout the building and found none in any apartment unit. They did, however, register carbon monoxide readings next to a basement water tank, but not a significant amount that would have required evacuating the building, Ahlheim said.
Crews ventilated the building and called Peoples Gas to fix the boiler, Ahlheim said.
As of late Sunday, a second fatality has been reported from the same building, according to the medical examiner’s office, though further details were not immediately released.

Exactly. That’s a great copy and paste from the article.
The title of this thread is: Do You Check for Recalls of Furnaces or Water Heaters?:wink: Are you the “right inspector” for the job?

Perhaps they should check the flues for freezing up . It can happen in cold weather.With gas . Ice will melt and go not detect, till it happens again Ice coating will fall over blocking the flue

We send every mechanical appliance that is part of sale including the ones mention

Yes I am aware of the title and the article link you provided has nothing to do with your question so you provided your own thread drift.:roll:

Stay focused.

No, I did once at the request of the buyer. I also put in my general remarks that recalls are not part of the inspection.

Same with me, BUT I do let all clients know that they can look up any and all appliances, and Items they want for freer at the CPSC


Do you tell your clients they can chck their attic, electrical, plumbing, roof and structure for free too?

I tell them they are more than welome to do it for free, but a n inspector who cares about their purchase, I will do it for them and every month t will be given an update to determine if the items were recalled.

They are more than welcome to check every month, but I provide a service that does it for them.

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Hello James,

There is another service you can provide to your clients as well. The site is These are two very smart women who have created an excellent recall product search function that includes:

  • Any item in the CPSC database and not just appliances.
  • They generate a very nice and easy to read report of your items.
  • They use special methods of search to make sure if you do mis-enter information that recalls are found for the item.
  • An online tracking function for your items that can also be used for insurance loss purposes.
  • A very useful worthwhile, as much as bi-weekly, newsletter that is at this time void of any marketing advertising.
  • A recurring function to check your inventory of items and notify you if a recall is later created for the item(s).
  • Small incentive prizes to help you “Make It Safer”.
  • They place all of their terms of usage directly on the site before you even sign up to use their service.
  • They have a strict privacy rule and do not sell your identifying information to anyone for marketing or any other purpose.

They have other very nice features to help consumers track and handle recalled items. Oh, and did I mention that it is for free as well?

Of course not, that is all part of the home inspection, Do You? :wink:


Hummm, looks very interesting, I will have to look into this in more depth.

Thanks for the link and info.


“Big ticket” is not the right phrase for “duty of care.” Rather, what you really mean is that they are so well known by the general public. That’s the duty of care.

I check for recalls on everything as part of my STANDARD, PREMIUM, and TECH inspections. It is not included in my LIST, BASIC, RENT, or WALK inspections.

However, all of my reports for all of my inspections teach my Clients how to check for recalls on their own and to sign up for CPSC recall notifications.

Hello Russel,

You should check out the We Make It Safer WEB site and possibly incorporate that in your reports if it works for you. This is a great site that helps empower consumers and covers so much more than what is in our home inspections. iT IS ALSO COMPLETELY free AND PRIVATE FOR THE CONSUMERS. Here is the WEB site link.

**We Make It Safer


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Not even close to RecallChek–

According to their terms:
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