Recall chek

He anyone ever used this? Is it a good program?

I just felt left out that I did not also start a thread about recall check…:twisted:

Roflmao. I said if the ESOP had a lapse in good judgment I would personally remind and recommend the product weekly. Looks like its covered!


I’m still debating using any type of appliance “recall check” service since inspecting appliances is Not included in the SOP’s I follow.

If we didn’t inspect appliances…we would be out of business. Hell most of the houses here come furnished…

I think i have heard about it somewhere just cant put my finger on it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Do you inspect the furniture then?

I will look at Murphy beds built into the wall. (open and close properly only)

Gee why can’t you guys just use…

Recallchek is full of user complaints and here is a link to them all…MT

There may need to be a discussion regarding this particular service.

Troy, we just may need to have that particular Vendor testify before the Senate Judiciary Committe prior to confirmation by the full Senate? Hahahahaha.


Nope but that is not part of the Florida SOP…the furniture is not, the appliances are.

So has anyone even heard of this product. Some guy named Norton or something is providing it.

From what I hear he used to me a model or something. Some big magazine some he went by the stage name Alfred E Newman. Hell, I don’t know all this fangle stuff. I just want to a do a visual inspection. Walk around for 10 minutes and look at stuff and make a quick $75. I love this Home Inspection thingy, its money in the bank…

Gonna start offering a $19.95 inspection…gonna change the profession forever…:wink:

What are you guys talking about?

What is a recall and how do you inspect them?

So, are you saying you won’t go beyond your SOP?
Wouldn’t checking for recalls go beyond the Florida SOP? :wink:
Is the SOP still the proposed one or has it been voted in?

I go above and beyond the SOP daily and on every inspection. The SOP states the MINIMUM standard. Not the MAXIMUM standard. Would you write up using R45 insulation when only R30 is required?

Do as you like Will…if the SOP dictates your level of professionalism, then for it.

I know Texas has some rules and regulations. Furniture is never part of the REAL ESTATE transaction, but instead of a side sale. So the Realtor does not get 6% of that money too.

Do as you like and whatever your career can handle. Do as much or as little as you want. It’s your business…

wow ! did not know about safer prodouts, GOOD ONE !

I think there is a thing called check the recall or something like that, and I hear the people in TEXAS love it! Thinking of trying it in Florida, who knows maybe it will catch on.

I think it cost like $300 a house or something, but it comes with its OWN logo to use on your site. At $300 that is a steal, some people spend $1000 to use a logo!

This is like the “Happy New Years” threads, I think there were five of those…maybe I’ll start a Recall thread too.

That should be the only rule in this whole country and especially this organization :slight_smile: