Won't get this info from Pay-to-Play Recall sites

Safety information ALL your clients need to know about!

You’re so right Jeff.
Some of those warranty/recall service contracts "aren’t worth the paper they are written on".
We always change our smoke and CO detector batteries at home when we spring forward or fall back for Daylight Savings Time. I remind my clients to do the same.
I have found that this is also a great source of consumer recall information.

Exactly, Linas.

And I always inform my Clients that this is not the place to go cheap. Install quality batteries only, not that cheap 99cent store stuff. Their families lives depend upon the batteries operating properly until they are replaced again.

Many Carbon Monoxide detectors expire after 5 years while smoke last 8 so if a combination Unit it may need to be replaced after five with the C/O,being the lowest common denominator.

Good idea to have them at top of stairs near utility rooms with gas appliances,fireplaces and in bedrooms as well.
Any where else to add ?

I discuss that with every client without fail. I also do a random check of one or two units for the Manufacture date (not to be confused with the install date). The date is usually stamped, printed, or labeled on the base of the unit near the battery or wiring if hardwired. The clock begins ticking from the manufacture date, not when it may have finally been installed after sitting on the store shelf for however long. I also advise my clients to look for the expiration date when purchasing replacement detectors. No use buying one that is already well into it’s life expectancy.

I keep one right outside the kitchen. When the alarm sounds, I know dinner must be ready!! :|.)

Well that’s just not true either :wink:

How so?

They do get that information. I’m not here to argue about it, I’m just saying that information is provided.

I’m glad the information is being provided no matter how it is being delivered to our clients.

Are you saying that you don’t care about your Clients to pass this information along? Or is it that you are so immersed in one of those Pay-to-Play Recall services that you refuse to see the obvious? Sad, sad, sad!

Seems to me that if you have ever had a Client, they have a residence, and should always have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed. Granted there are a few thay may have hardwired systems or plug-in, but they should also have battery backup. What good is a detector without battery backup in the event of a power failure?

No I was saying the title of your thread wasn’t true :wink:

Sorry, my mistake for not clarifying, oops.

Good info link Linus (We make it safer). Thanx for posting.

No problemo’.
This all about protecting our Clients/Friends/Family, and If there is erroneous information posted, I would want to correct it.
Thanks for your feedback.

No problem Joe. My clients love it, it’s free and no binding contracts to sign. No vendor related sales gimmicks in the newsletters either, plus no one will call you a moron if you don’t use it.
It’s sad that we let vendors come to our home here and call us names.

Like when you called me a sissy?

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