I almost choked

When the owner stated his electrician buddy did the wiring:shock::shock::shock::shock: obviously not

I thought that was the way you sooner’s did things out there…

Nope I took that pic down in Fla while on Vacation on a house U inspected and missed that nice wire job.:stuck_out_tongue:

Down here as long as the light comes on it is a good job.

Not only does that violate the NEC, it might even violate POCO rules if they own that pole which I am guessing they do. The irony is, that if you need a light in some place the POCO will be happy to install one on their equipment with a small fixed monthly bill.

I would have just tapped in to the wires at the mast head so the light would be free :slight_smile:

A Navy vet would not do that:p

indeed !

All that trouble to tap into smaller gauge post light feeders :expressionless: I wonder what the UTILITY thinks when they came to read the meter.

They do not read meters here anymore they call them smart meters