I Am Looking For A New Job.

My foot is still swollen twice its size and hurts with every step.

I am currently walking and in physical therapy 3 times a week.

I need a job that has benefits and pays me what I am worth as a Manager type with 25+ years running a business and managing 100+ employees in the good ole days.

I am 43 and need something to do for the next 20+ years as i believe all the profit is out of being a Sub-Contractor for the major builders. I cannot make a living off a project of 600 homes making max 500 more likely 200 per 2 story home. I do not have deep enough pockets.

My families health insurance without Dental is about $20,000 a year Just this year my little one has had a minimum of $2500 in dental bills. She is 7.

I am now $75,000 in debt to a family member. I have no choice and am starting insurance inspections tomorrow regardless of the pain or safety. I HAVE NO CHOICE.

Right now the luckiest thing for my family would be me getting run over by a truck while i still have a 1,000,000,000.00 life insurance policy. I have not paid the premium in many years but it was a investment type policy and I was still covered until I got my letter today. I must pay $14,000.00 to keep the policy or it is gone in 30 days. Guess what is going to happen?

It will be gone in 30 days.

I Mainly made my money being a SubContractor for major Builders.

There is no more profit in the business in South Florida on the Sub Contractor side :frowning:

If you’re as good as you claim, you would still be building homes.

manager’s make about 2 bucks and hour more than journeyman. good luck finding out what your position is worth to someone already getting it done without you.

Mike, what do you have against doing Home Inspections? Why are you just doing the small insurance ones? The home inspection business is UP! I have a real shot at breaking into the 6 figures this year. That’s good money anyway you look at it. Stay where you are, use your license, make some money…

Eric funny you should ask :slight_smile: Jeff just asked me the same thing in another thread. below is my response.

Jeff, because I hate them. Too much time on site, liability, dealing with realtors and clients schedules. I can Deal with the quick in and out of insurance inspections. Sad thing is I don’t enjoy them either. I want something that pays good or I am passionate about. If i could find something that covered both I would be in heaven.

I just basically do not like being a laborer even if it is for myself. I had hoped I was past this type of work after 20+ years of busting my butt. I started out as a Laboreres laborer,
in otherwords at the bottom of the pile. I had contracts and connections that were supposed to carry me through these tough times but the builders stopped building and either went out of business or flat out reneged on their contracts. Most I worked with or for are DEAD OR HAVE MOVED ON TO OTHER OCCUPATIONS. mY BIGGEST MISTAKE WAS WHEN i WAS YOUNG RUNNING INTO BUSINESS AND NOT GETTING A DEGREE FIRST. damn caps :slight_smile: I had the contacts and connections to work my way straight to the top. I got my G.C. license as a backup so if the Stucco biz ever stopped being profitable then I could just go to work for a builder, with the connections I HAD it would not have taken me a week. Now days guys like me are a dime a dozen and it sucks. I have never seen Karma work but always hedged by bets by taking care of everyone I met or knew. I never burned a bridge and always treated everyone fair and never screwed anyone. I just hope I get a break because the only break I have gotten since about 2007 is my heel and so far that has me about $73,000 in debt. Was supposed to do a reinspection for a guy today after rehab on the foot. First real physical work since Dec 11th. Guess what? He did not answer his phone at the agreed upon time and called me 3 hrs latter. “That is the type of stuff I hate about this Biz” When he called he inquired can’t you just come now in the pouring rain. I explained he would have to be moved to next week and that he needed to answer his phone at the agreed upon time or call me right away after missing it to keep his appointment. I never go there without confirming someone is there because 1/4 of the times they just forget and have a whoopsie attitude.

Mike, I spent 40 years busting my butt as you say laboring as a working superintendent for the same contractor until the economy fell a few years ago.
With over 40 years of experience, I could not buy a job.

Still slow over here and that is why I am in a ship yard now still busting my butt, because that is all I know.

So you see, busting your butt seems to be of no end until you are rich or reach 65 and retire. :mrgreen::wink:

Exactly or as in our case we had to keep working till I was 75 and Char was 74
.We like to eat and sleep in a warm dry bed every night.

iT SUCKS for us both I guess.

Best of luck to ya and I’ll hope the same for me.

I was on the track to be rich and retired. all I needed was about 5 more years and them all to keep their contracts and not lose all my contacts and I would have been good to go. So close but so very very far now :frowning:

Funny how life just kicks you in the face occasionally :frowning:

Not for us life treats us great . When we get lemons we make lemon aid .

Works great when you are retired.

It sucks when you got 25+ TO GO AND FIGURED ON ABOUT 5.

My Father always told me to be diversified in my work capabilities in an effort to never be without a job min hard times.

He was a smart Man.

Check out why.


Laid off and bounced right back.

Heck, for 10% of that BILLION dollar policy, I’ll come and run you over myself :smiley:

I’ll do it for 8%

Whoopsie. I’ll leave my mistake there for others to enjoy :slight_smile:

That’s a little spendy. How about round trip air fare and a rental car. You can even pick the type to run you over. :wink:

Michael, I feel for you boss and I hope you get through your tough times. Please don’t take anything I say as being mean but from reading all your posts regarding this issue It seems you are being quite negative. I realize you want and feel you should get a nice cushy job with good pay and benefits, but these are some tough times. Those types of positions are not so easy to get and will not just come to you. It seems you are against making it as a home inspector? not sure why as many of us are doing it and making a pretty decent living at it. Even when things are slow and you get just 2-3 inspections a week you can still survive. I really wish you the best my friend.


I find it ironic that you are trying to limp (I would say run but we know that isn’t going to happen) away for home inspection.
Four years ago in May I was playing baseball with the scouts when I broke my knee. I crushed the top of the tibea and blew out the side of it. I spent nine months trying to figure out what I was going to do with my self. I have only done one thing in my life and that was build homes and commercial projects. I sank deep into debt with no plan to get out of it. My wife found out that the Piller to Post franchise was looking to sell and invited them over for coffee. They wanted way to much for it so I looked into other franchises and found GPI. Three and a half years later I have paid back my debts and am now working on my retirement nest egg.
I know exactly how you feel and how desperate it can be to not have an income. I even applied at Home Depot as an estimator!!
It will get better I promise. You have works your entire life to get to where you are. If you give up the other half wins. Look towards the future and forget about the past. It’s not like you can change it any way.
All the best my friend and if you ever need an ear to vent give me a call or drop me a line.

Thanks guys.

I need a job if you all know anyone in South Florida looking for what I have described. Please let me know.

I want to enjoy what I do and I currently do not. I do what I do because I have to. I am willing to accept it but there is no reason to not try to find what I want :slight_smile:

Wishing you all the best.
I do not understand why you did not become a HI with 100 men.At times pride gets in our way. You had work and should have let Aubry or any other HI do the leg work and become working friends.
Hope you foot heals. I suffered and could not walk for 2 years.
Shattered heal.

All the best to you and your family Mike.