I am thanking all of you

Dear InterNACHI members,

I’d like to thank all of you who have helped me in the last few months.

In November 2007, I moved my family (wife and 3 daughters, ages 6, 4, and 2) to Boulder, CO. I was a home inspector for 12 years in Pennsylvania, and now I’m working with my bro, Nick.

I’ve been doing a few things for InterNACHI, including…

I’d like to thank Joe Tedesco. Joe was a great help in putting together the most recent electrical inspection videos. He was a true professional, accurate, concise, patient, and “the camera loved him” as they say. For two days in February, we shot about 10 hours of tape with Joe, and I edited the videos for about 4 weeks. And now it’s up on nachi.tv - thanks to Chris.

Many of you gave me material (pictures, documents, text, ideas) for the episodes and for the course. General credit is given to InterNACHI members in Volume 1’s ending credits and specific credit in Volume 2’s ending credits. Thank you.

My next video project is “Inspecting hot water tanks.”

If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or pictures of defects at a hot water tank, I would appreciate your help. ben@nachi.tv. I will be very thankful, because without you, I wouldn’t be here.

I promise to give all my energy and devotion to providing the best educational/instructional videos that nachi.tv can offer.

Thank you.

You are doing a Great Job!

Keep up the Good Work!

Warmest Regards,:stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s not forget the www.nachi.org/stairways.htm document. Nice work.

Better than the doc. was the TV “Stair episode” with Paige in it!:mwa-hah: \:D/ :mwa-hah:

Thanks Ben. I appreciate your efforts, and you letting us use the outside of your house for our episode :smiley:


You have it wrong brother…we should be thanking you!!!

I’m in Kingston taking Joe’s F. class and I was talking with a NACHI member about NACHI. We both came to the conclusion that Nick and NACHI have done so much for ALL members (thus far) that basically he doesn’t have to do anything else for the next 100 years!! Think about, if Nick (NACHI) did nothing for the membership for the next one hundred years and everything that is in place now remained, all other org’s (if, and only if they are around) would still not be able to catch up with our member benefits!!

Thank You Nick and NACHI for all you do for us!!

Ben, do you material on Water Heaters or On demand systems? BTW, thanks.

I’ll be having a plumber tells us everything about conventional, electric and gas-fired hot water tanks. Point-of-use, tankless, instant water heaters will come later.

What does BTW mean?

BTW=By The Way

Great work Ben… thanks for your hard work.