I became an RHI today.




Are you practicing or Retired? :mrgreen:

Great if any one deserves it NICK is the one .
It is a lot more value then the one issued in Canada .

Glad for you I was once and found out those in Canada who are in charge would not tell me where they were spending the members money so I left.
They did nothing for the members.

The cost at NACHI is much less and the returns are so superior it is not even measurable .

Roy Cooke Glad to be a NACHI Member

Did you guys even look who issue the RHI?

Big duh.

HIF Housing Inspection Foundation

Congratulations. I tried to get one but they wanted money.

Oh come on now W., Staples, Office Depot, Toys R Us:D :smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations, Mrs. Calabash…where ever you are


Ummm…I think it’s in that post…

Housing Inspection Foundation


Are you saying this is fraudulent?

Sounds like she’s asking who are they, where are they from, when did they come into exsistence, what makes the special, how are they able to register someone (by what guidelines)

There you have it folks the who, what, where, when and how…:wink:


For more information…


Oh oh Nick you better not come to Ontario with your RHI membership card in your wallet. Somebody won’t like that. Especially those foxy squeegy girls at Home Depot (Can I say Home Depot?) Hell why not. Anyway those foxy chicks stole my wallet a couple of times now along with my RHI card. Those foxy chicks were headed south to Colorado to use the bogus ID and claim its me posing as Dave Bottoms now turned squeegy girl. More later…as I make it up! :mrgreen::mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Spoken like someone just *burning *up inside with jealousy. :wink:

Norm :wink:

Hey Dave you should apply you might just make the grade. You can get the RHI you were never able to get in OAHI! I think you’re extremely jealous of anyone more competent then you. Get a life loser!

Congratulations Nick,

Can I be one too, ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

That was my whole point. Everyone at first thought it was RHI from Canada, but it turns out it was from HIF.

Never would say anything about it being fraudulent. Even if it was, it’s Nick’s business.


Maybe you should get an RHI, Real Home Inspector. :mrgreen:

Maybe you should Ray. I’m doing just fine and business is picking up in a big way, in the direction of my choosing.

You on the other hand seem to be on here night and day and seem to be having trouble getting work.

Oh, that’s right. You’re retired.

What was that you were saying about false advertising on websites? Why don’t you get lewis over here to stalk your website and harrass you as to why you are soliciting customers when you are retired eh?
I’m SURE you are violating the standards of your National Certification and organization.

Oh, that’s right. You don’t qualify. You don’t want to fill out the application because then you’d have to verify your education, training, experience, and number of inspections. Oh AND pass a background check. Wouldn’t want to fail that one in front of the people you’ve been harassing all these years.:roll:



I am also a RHI and wendy is right, it is the Housing Inspection Foundation. They don’t compare to Nachi, however I get great literature from them monthly that is very information. You can check them out at the link below,


I wonder if Nick could do a competent job inspecting a house.?:p:D