I called this out and am being challenged about it....

I called this out for a roofer to look at…the agent sent another home inspector out the day after. He said it’s good, no worries. ???
AND…I set a radon test out, the client calls me 30 or so hours into the radon test and expresses his concern about high radon.
I was baffled and mystified as to how another home inspector could act as the roofer I recommended … and how the client would know the readings of the radon machine.
Wrong in so many ways.
Please share your thoughts…and what you would recommend on the chimney and on the situation.


The flashing is improper.

Why didn’t you just state that it was improper and what is wrong with it rather than suggest that they hire someone else to get a second opinion? If you know that something is a defect, don’t tell your client to have someone else come behind you to offer a different opinion. At this moment, they are probably wondering why they hired you.

BTW: Unless the other inspector spoke to you about it directly or you saw his documentation first hand, don’t assume that you know what he actually had to say based on someone else relaying it to you.

Have a roofing contractor install the Flashing CORRECTLY, simple as that…

same key works many of the machines , HI maybe took a peak, Flashing needs to be repair .

Improperly flashed chimney. There isn’t supposed to be any exposed metal at the roof on the sides, and the junk on the upper side is bucking water.

Let’s see:

Agents send out another inspector to check out the flashing = one scared realtor trying to salvage his/her sale at any cost.

Client says the radon is high = a client possibly trying to find an excuse to get out of his “contingent due diligence” period.

Did you tell them why it was wrong OR just say something like “flashing is improper, have a roofer correct or evaluate”.

With no guiidance, the agaent called THEIR home inspection guy and he simply said LOOKS ok to me.

I did tell them why it’s wrong…and I did recommend evaluation and repairs by roofer.
I’m comfortable with my report being correct. I’m just still in awe of the whole situation.

If I were in your position I would send a picture of a proper flashing installation to my client just to ensure credibility with them. People are not stupid and will see right through the Realtor’s motives.

That’s exactly what I did this morning!

Tim, calling for evaluation by someone else should not be used in most cases.

It either needs repair or it doesn’t in your judgement.

If they want to find a more compliant opinion, that’s their business.

You are being paid for yours. Leave it at that.

Good luck.

I agree ,one illustration is worth 1,000 words.

I did state in the report that it is improperly flashed and that I recommend evaluation and repairs by a roofer.

Thanks for all your help guys!

Call for repair not evaluation Tim.

You have already evaluated it and found it deficient.

Timothy -

Like Michael said NOT evaluate / You did that.

Service or Repair.

You keep saying you told them it was IMPROPER, but what did you say to explain WHY it was improper?

We call that “Chicago Style Flashing”. Just put some metal up against the chimney and caulk it. Almost all of the roofers do it that way, around here. I call it out, wanting the counter flashing to be inserted into cut grooves in the mortar joint. I always get funny looks from agents and roofers.

But, I get the roofer to say it is OK, in writing. Therefore I have no further liability.

Hope this helps;

My first reaction was it looks like an attempt to “pretty up” the flashing by installing a cover. If this is indeed the only flashing installed, it is wrong and needs repair. If it is just a cover over the top of proper but “ugly” step and counter flashing, it is ok. BUT, you wouldn’t know unless someone removed a portion to see if there is proper flashing underneath. You did your job. The 2nd inspector has now accepted any responsibility with his approval.

Unbelievable, I agree with the guys above, flashing has been executed in a non-standard application and needs to be repaired by a qualified roofer. Period.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

“recommend further evaluation…”

Without that, how are all these guys going to “pass the buck” to the next guy?

Someone is going to have to make a real decision, know what they are talking about and take responsibility for themselves.

We can’t be having that! :wink:

Tim, you told them to have it evaluated, they did. And they decided they didn’t need repair and didn’t call a roofer.
Now you don’t like the evaluation and who did it?

Is a roofer better than a HI?
Why can’t another HI evaluate it further, if you can’t?

You can’t be telling them, do what I meant, not what I said.

This was my thoughts, too. If this were the only flashing, it’d leak like a sieve, no? I wonder what the attic/sheathing looked like?