I came across this CMI® seller-inspection postcard

Certainly would be interesting to ear the argument for pre-listing inspection. Savvy owners know full well it changes their disclosure status.


“FREE” pre listing inspection?

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Pre-listing inspections have been talked about the entire 22 years I’ve been in this industry and it ultimately has never got any real traction. Why? Many reasons but the cost to the seller and disclosure issues are probably the main ones.

Dave Klima has made the most substantial run at it that I’ve seen: https://www.inspectedhouses.com/

I’m not sure how well he’s doing with it but he’s definitely got a lot of energy and is a smart guy.

I my area pre-listing is standard. Buyer’s agents would raise a red flag if there was no pre-listing inspection either in a binder at the open house, or available by request prior to an offer.


Just to clarify for my understanding, are you talking about a pre-listing home inspection report by a HI, or the sellers’ disclosure statements?

Beginning wind and hail roofing course.

You live in an extremely unique area. Are they Free, like the postcard Nick posted?

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In my area, all these are expected:

  1. A seller’s disclosure, which can be short or extensive based on the seller’s knowledge. It can even be non-existent for a trustee sale.
  2. And a paid report from a professional HI, generally hired by the seller’s agent and either paid right away, or reimbursed in escrow.
  3. An agent’s visual disclosure, which covers the same scope as a HI inspection, but with a far lower bar.
  4. A pest report. A sewer pre-report (it’s a bit complicated). And either a release form, or a residential energy efficiency audit (RECO/CECO/BESO). And lest I forget, a natural hazards statement (liquefaction and distance to the earthquake faults).

And on top of that it’s not unheard of for serious bidders to hire a professional HI for pre-bid inspections.

Finally, while in contract, the buyer may waive the inspection contingency, or hire their own professional HI. This second or third HI is generally referred by the buyer’s agent.

So you heard that right: pre-listing inspection. A number of other inspections. None of them free. No free bids either from contractors during the sale process – most contractors exclude from free bids homes for sale.

Did I mention properties within 50 feet of the place the earth cracked in the prior earthquake? Um, it gets complicated.


Wow! That’s unheard of in my area and surrounding areas. Seller’s disclosure only and it’s not even required, however 99% do fill them out and make them “public.”

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“FREE” is not in my vocabulary! :rofl:


I’m suspecting the agent (MaddenSellsMountainTop) is paying for these and the inspector is not actually doing them for free. If not, this inspector is not the brightest in the bunch.


Been doing seller inspections for 24 years in my area. If the sellers do not do them, the buyers are very wary and usually think there is something major wrong with the home. We generally do not have to many buyers inspections. Sellers usually get property, termite and roof (sometimes). This is happening more and more to the surrounding areas also. This is just how it is done here.

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Where is your area?

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