I don't understand the US Government

Okay, can somebody explain to me why the US Government is sending guns to Syria to arm their ‘rebels’ to help them protect themselves from a corrupt government while at the same time trying to disarm their own people? What would happen if the US Government ever became corrupt? Just trying to understand.

What is even better is the Rebels are our enemies allies :frowning:

F-ing un-believable

It’s as close as going to war with Russia as you can get without going to war with Russia. And Obama did it without getting permission from our elected congressmen.

The U.S. is arming rebels against a sitting, legitimate government that the U.S. recognizes. That is an act of terrorism.

Foreign policy and military tactics are not Obama’s strong suit.

That’s right folks, Obama wants to arm those sympathetic with Al Qaeda.

The U.S. is arming rebels against a sitting, legitimate government that the U.S. recognizes. That is an act of terrorism.


Putin is correctly backing the legitimate, internationally recognized, sitting government… a government the U.S. also recognizes. We wouldn’t want Russia to arm some U.S.-based extremest group who was trying to overthrow the U.S. government… would we?

Balance of power .

I’m Russian (genetically) and so I know how Russians think. I am really worried about us arming one side of a conflict when the Russians are arming the other. If this turns into a civil war with U.S. arms on one side and Russian arms on the other… it’s not going to be pretty.

I think helping Syrian rebels is absolutely wrong.

We need to get out of the middle East and let all of them take care of each other.

We should leave and let Allah sort it out just like Sarah Palin said.

Sarah Palin is correct and so are you.

In the USA/Canada war of 1812.
I do not think any Canadians shot any USA prisoners.
I also do not think and Americans shot and Canadian prisoners .

War is hell why make it any worse.

Why is the solution to war always more weapons? Cut off weapons on both sides and see what happens. The US should have learned it’s lesson regarding arming rebels (or anyone), those you arm today may turn their arms against you tomorrow.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/leaders-leave-g8-summit-without-agreeing-on-handling-of-syrian-conflict-1.1330165#ixzz2Wb2id0sE

I don’t know what war is like, never been in one… but I do know what getting stabbed and getting shot is like. I’ve been stabbed a few times and I’ve been shot straight through my right leg. The hole is still there.

Obama is a Muslim. What else do you need to understand? And after viewing video’s of his younger years, I would call him a radical Muslim.

Obama, without congressional approval, has teamed up with Al Queda to try to overthrow a legitimate, internationally recognized government (even the U.S. recognizes them) that is backed militarily by Russia and Iran.

Bad plan.

Syria is in Russia’s backyard. Does anyone really think Putin is going to let Obama come into his part of the world and overthrow a sovereign nation? Putin is going to kick his a ss.





Gentlemen… place your bets: http://www.tomatobubble.com/putin_obama.html