I failed the exam, now what?

Hey everyone,
I took the exam a couple of days ago and I got a 79 and failed. What is next? I was a little weak in the heating and cooling area and structure, which is a little embarrassing since I profess to being a carpenter and should probably be better at that stuff. Att he end of the test it said I wiould be getting an e-mail about studying some stuff that they determined I needed but so far nada.

I believe you can just go online and take it again, as many times as required.

Hi George,
Is that what I should do, just keep taking it until I pass. I thought maybe there was some study that I could do. Let me know. I appreciate the help.

You can always pick up a book on home inspection, read over the SOP’s, or even take a course. The options are endless. :wink:


Since you have narrowed down your weakness, which is an important first step…brush up on it and take a bit of time in my opinion to freshen up your understanding of those areas and take it again.

Remember the online exam is only the start of your requirements…once that is done you have a SOP test, roofing online course, electrical online course and so on before you meet the grade.

Just passing the OPENING test is not the only requirement for membership into NACHI…but you probably know this…but it is good to know for others who may wander onto NACHI and think those thoughts…:slight_smile:

No worries. Take it again, and again, and again. Any person who can go on a public message board and admit to failure is a man to be admired. You’ll be an asset to this industry and, I predict, very successful. Good luck.

Keith; you could not have said that any better.

A young man to attest to the facts and truths will go a long ways.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Take Paul’s advice and study.The exam is a very small fraction of what you should know as a HI. I would also look into taking some courses at local community college if you are interested in becoming a HI.

If you failed Nickey’s on line quiz YOU need help… One solution if you really want to get a worthless certificiation from nick … hire someone to take it for you, no body will ever know, send nick your $s or complain that your broke and he’ll give you free membership, :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: … :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: </IMG></IMG></IMG></IMG>

And remember that Ken will sell you some software

Good HI’s are good not because of HI knowledge but are good because of business knowledge


lol,…Mr.harris…lol…You are like a failure leech…lol…look for a mans weakness and POUNCE…not an admired quality…lol…

He is an adult…he can choose where he spends his money…lol…choice 200+ with NACHI....or 200.00+ wish A$HI…lol…he can make his own choice…lol

This is exactly what Dan did with one exception he did not join NACHI:mrgreen:

Dan you are an a s s sometimes,for an intelligent guy you can at times be stupid. This man has taken the exam,yes he has failed the exam but he is from what I can tell someone that wishes to learn more about the Home Inspection business and you are allowing politics to blind your judgment.


Mario… I was playing being a nachi vender on the sly :slight_smile: :slight_smile: … If you go back to Oct. 3 or 4 years ago on this BB you’ll see that I started the service of taking the quiz for others that could not pass the quiz …
I Can’t disclose the details, some may determine that it is quite a lucturative side job and that it beats inspecting homes and try to steel customers away from me…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Here is a guy that is basically asking for help,and all you can do is bring up crap that has nothing to do with him. All I’m saying is leave the politics out of it,and if you can suggest something that was not suggested by anyone else do it. Pointing someone in the right direction is not labour intensive is it?


Mario… If I was going to involve politics I would recommend that he checks out the org that provides mentoring at no charge "FREE " [from senior inspectors with 5-20 years experience] to new members to not only help them research the endless HI training choices, but also makes them selves available to answer marketing and other HI related questions that a new inspector may have… all information provided is non org related and non vendor affiliated, just straight honest answers and opinions from experienced inspectors that were once new them selves and are trying to give back to the profession.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Who is Ken?

Keith… I think it’s this weeks prefered HI soft ware vender.
Gotta watch ole nickey I heard he’ll drop a vender for an extra nickle.:smiley: :smiley:

I wonder if I can talk Ken into some free software…:wink:


Sorry for the miss spelling Keith = Ken – my error

I trust you will take care of the new HI if he wants your services

All have a good day


I concur.

Some of the questions on the exam is weak, and I would love to see them get rid of the nonsense answers, but the beauty of it is that one can take it over and over and over again. If one is unsure about an answer, one can do research to find out.

And, with apologies to my alma mater (Texas A&M, whose sports teams never lose; they just run out of time), you didn’t fail, you simply ran out of time to reivew your answers and make sure they all were correct.