I got sea sick for the first time in my life.

I’ve been on boats all my life. I even owned a sailboat for a while. I went deep sea fishing on the OBX, caught some rough water, and bam… I got horribly sea sick.

You’re more susceptible to it as you get older. :wink:

Worst feeling ever.

Because we do not run jump and are not as active as we used to be. F- it 2 bonnine no problem. I’ve got nothing to prove and have fished in the ocean my whole life :slight_smile:

Dramamine makes you sleepy.

Or in Colorado you can use some natural remedies :cool:

well, did ya catch anything?

I caught myself almost going overboard a few times while puking. Then I had to hit the boys room in the hull. OMG, sea sickness is way worse in the hull. Anyway, it was the worst day of my adult life.

The surfing was great, but there were sharks everywhere on the OBX this year. Several shark attacks while I was there. One kid got attacked in the middle of the day with dolphins all around. The sharks have all gone nuts. I gave away all three of my surfboards at the end of the trip to some family I didn’t even know.

I’m done deep sea fishing because of the sea sickness.
I’m done surfing because of the shark attacks.

I’m taking up macrame.

Been there done that got so sick I was afraid I was going to die.
Then got sicker and I was afraid I was not going to die .

Char had to drive the boat Home .

I’ve been fortunate never to have that issue. I know it looks awful and all the moaning and retching sometimes almost detracts from my fishing experience.

I know the feeling, about 5 years ago I went deep sea fishing with some friends on an all day boats, and I got so sea sick that even when I hit land I was sick for a couple hours. I grow up fishing in the ocean and lakes and never had a problem.

Yes I got sea sick.on a diving trip once. And the bad part is you can’t get off the boat. It ain’t like they’re going to take you in. Your stuck on the boat. I agree worse feeling ever.

Used to get seasick when I took the all-day boats to the Channel Islands off Santa Barbara. Heading out was against the swells / tides and could get rough. The way back was always smooth. Once I started scuba diving, the instructors recommended Marezine instead of Dramamine. It did not have the drowsy characteristics of Dramamine which was important when diving. Haven’t had the problem in many years. Available on Amazon.

When we got out past the continental shelf, it hit me hard. Luckily, I chartered the boat, so after about an hour of being sick, I ordered the captain to take me back to the dock. It took us almost 2 hours to get back. It was a really long couple of hours. The next day I went surfing and could still feel the sea sickness. I was still a little dizzy. But then I saw a shark and that scared the sea sickness out of me right quick. I’m glad to be back on the mountain in Colorado.

Stay as far back and in the middle of the boat as you can that’s where the least amount of movement is on the boat… it’s happened to me a couple times… I just call it chummin’ :wink: no way I would stop fishing. Last time it happened to me I was on a party boat, gives you plenty of elbow room when your chummin every 10 minutes :smiley: Caught a lot of fish that day too. Yes never goto the head, stay outside. Since then I always do a dramamine (sp?) Just in case.

OMG a bunch of sissy’s we as in USN once hit the tail end of a typhoon going from the Philippines to Hong Kong and had water over the flight deck of a aircraft carrier us poor destroyer sailors were like submarines and I never got sick you, could walk on the bulkheads :wink:

a little tricky using the forward head when the bow keeps dropping and rising 30 ft. at a time…

BONNINE or however it is spelled. Why try to be tough when you can take a pill?

No shame in it.

Oh boy, this brings back memories!

Took a 50’ Morgan from Norfolk to Maine many years ago with
3 others. Coming out of Norfolk we hit some heavy seas/high winds.
All night long it kept coming.
I lost it overboard many times and was practically delirious during the night.

By morning I had my sea legs and never had a problem the rest of the trip.
Except for Cape Cod we didn’t see land the whole time, would take our duty posts. 8 hours at the wheel, 8 hours on radar watch and 8 hours bunk time.

Only time I was worried was coming into Cape Cod shipping channels at night in fog. A freighter would show up as short line on the scope, otherwise we were bat blind.

Wouldn’t have missed it but it was not exactly “fun”. :shock:

I’ve been sea sick more times than I’d like to think about.

Still, I love the idea of being on boat.

It’s shark week this week. Even they are trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.:wink:

If you can safely do this it will instantly bring you out of sea sickness. Go in the water.
That’s right…it works within seconds.
You may have to turn away from the seas…you should stop the engines…tie a safety line around the participant and cleat it off. One minute later…haul him in. Of course if it is too rough to do it safely… don’t.
At first they will not even think about going…soon they will… especially if another has done it.
Just an FYI tip that has worked for me many times.